ThinkingBig Announces Their Latest Innovation to Jump Start Facebook Advertising Campaigns

The Facebook Recoup is an advanced Facebook marketing system to maximize return on investments on social advertising spend.

Online marketing group ThinkingBig has just announced their latest product to help businesses and entrepreneurs re-invigorate their online sales activities. The product is The Facebook Recoup and it arrives just in time to help people tap into the world’s largest traffic source. ThinkingBig founder Simon Greenhalgh is excited to bring this product to the marketplace and is telling his clients that The Facebook Recoup is perhaps his most significant product to date. During the launch Greenhalgh revealed that he is a user and believer in the new system and said “The Facebook Recoup has allowed me to breathe new life into products I had left behind, focus on building a long term scalable business and regain control of the most important aspect of any online business, traffic!”

Greenhalgh also mentioned that he developed this system because he was getting nowhere with traditional affiliate marketing methods and he saw diminishing returns with email marketing methods. The Facebook Recoup lets marketers take their business activities to the next level by taking advantage of the explosive growth of Facebook which gives them access to countless new contacts.

The Facebook Recoup basically puts marketers back in charge of their business activities and helps them avoid having to rely on affiliates to generate traffic to their business sites. It also helps entrepreneurs avoid the trap of introducing a product only to see it languish in the digital world when they move on to their next endeavor.

This innovative new product works best with business owners who understand the value on how to advertise on Facebook the right way and who want greater control of their traffic and income. In fact, perhaps the most significant aspect of the new system is that it lets business owners stop paying out most of their revenue to affiliates.

In just a short time, The Facebook Recoup system has impressed those who have seen and used it. Some users are seeing returns on their investment of up to 1,000% and one recent proponent of the system said, “Simply put, the course works and leaves no stone unturned.”

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