Think Zombie Mobile Game Kickstarter Campaign to Launch on May 27th on the Opening of Kickstarter in France

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carboLab, a game developing company has announced their newest game: Think Zombie, the game is currently under development, in its pre-alpha state.

carboLab, a game developing company has announced their newest game: Think Zombie, the game is currently under development, in its pre-alpha state. According to the developers the Think Zombie game is going to be a 2D mobile game which will put players in control of an amusement park that they will build to attract humans for an underlying sinister motive: to capture humans in an underground prison. carboLab has a team of passionate game lovers and professional developers working on the project. However the team requires some help from the generous crowd to support their project by helping them reach their funding goal of 20,000 euros. The crowdfunding campaign is scheduled to be launched on May 27th, 2015, the same day Kickstarter will be opening in France.

The team is enthusiastic about the launch of the major crowdfunding platform in France, because it will open doors to new opportunities for entrepreneurs, developers and a large variety of other creative project that need the generosity and support of the people to come to realization. To become a part of the special occasion carboLab has decided to launch their crowdfunding campaign on the same day as the French unveiling of the crowdfunding website Kickstarter. The team is serious about the project and successful funding will allow the team to focus on developing the game rather than devoting time to acquire the necessary funds through part time jobs.

carboLab’s Game Producer and Communications Manager Mathieu Mahoudeau explained: “In Think Zombie, you manage an amusement park. You need to build attractions, commodities and even clean the toilets. You have 7 slots to customize in order to build the best park ever and attract the most humans. You play as a zombie and this park is your way to catch innocent humans and lure them into your prison. At first you only have your toilets and it's the only way for you to capture humans. Afterwards you can turn the prisoners into zombies in order to raise an army and kill all humans.”

With a pure evil sub plot that wages war on the humans (who are in this case the baddies), the Think Zombie team hopes to involve players in a strategy game that has multiple faucet to it and does not reply on simple game play. The players will need to strategize, build attractions, construct clans, take part in battles, conquer buildings and summon Heroes for help all in the pursuit of building an undefeatable army of zombies and take over the world. To make the park more ominous, developers have added various rides and attractions that would exploit humans who are full of energy, allowing players to fool the simpletons in to keep the park running, while they think they are having fun.

Another element of the game would be the underground base, where prisoner will be kept captive before they are transformed into different kinds of zombies for the ultimate army. As the game progresses players will be required to build better and bigger parks for more humans and also expand their underground layers to multiple levels to accommodate the increasing number of human prisoners. Players will also be required to acquire, manage and upgrade different buildings. The 2D mobile game will also be offering 2 different types of Multiplayer Mode, according to the developers these modes have been added to allow players to collaborate with each other and increase the enjoyment many folds. It has been elaborated in the project pitch that the different modes include:

Clans: Players can team with up to 99 other players by forming a clan. Once a player is a member of a clan they can access clan exclusive competitive levels.
Co-op: For players who are stuck on a level and need their friend's assistance? The solution: asynchronous co-operation mode.

The team is working on more ideas for multiplayer modes, which they hope to add in the future. The team is looking forward to a successful accomplishing of their funding goals and the subsequent completion of their game in coming months.

For the pre-alpha phase the team has already developed a variety of different characters both human and zombie and various amusement park attractions, stalls and more. The developers have announced the game will launch with 9 heroes and a special backer hero. carboLab will be offering various perks to people who support the project through pledging. Different perks including t shirts and figurines are up for grabs. The money raised will be spent on the completion and refinement of the different aspects of the game, the licenses and fees and the rewards.

About the challenges the team might face, Mathieu said: “Like every videogame, there are undeniable difficulties we will encounter during the making of the game. To prevent that risk we designed a lot of prototypes and we can promise you that we will be able to deliver this game exactly as it's described in this page. We'll even try to make this game better than that but we'll get back at you on this subject later on. We are an indie studio without any investors or business angel helping us financially, so we really depend on you guys.”

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About carboLab: carboLab is a team of 5 french guys. Who are passionate about games, they love both playing and developing them. The team had launched Lapino, a browser-based social pet game in the year 2010 which attracted 500 000 gamers, the team believes the project was a “nice success”. Since then the team’s skill and experience has progressed and they are now working on first mobile game as a company, which will ask players to Think Zombie.

Most of the members of carboLab go back to their years as student of computer sciences in the year 2003. As students the team members also shared a combined love for Carbonara pasta thus Carbo-Lab was born.

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Contact : Mathieu Mahoudeau - - Marseille, France

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