Think Perform Publishes Exclusive New Guide to 5S Workplace Organizational Approach

With 5S attracting more attention than ever, new guide provides a solid grounding in the subject, points out common reasons for disappointment, Think Perform reports

Think Perform, one of Australia's leading operational efficiency consultancies, published at the company's website a new guide to the 5S continuous improvement model. Highlighting how the battle-tested organizational approach can help companies in Australia and elsewhere reduce waste, improve efficiency, and better their bottom lines, the new guide will be valuable reading for anyone concerned with such issues. A member of The Leadership and Performance Group, Think Perform deploys a systematic but flexible process to help clients identify ways of improving operational efficiency and reducing waste.

"In the ruthlessly competitive business world of today, being lean and efficient is a prerequisite for success," Think Perform representative Andrew Henderson said, "One of the most talked-about means of achieving this is the 5S organizational approach that came out of Japan. What is 5s methodology, on the other hand, is something that many have a hard time pinning down. Our new introduction to the subject will clear things up and put the proven value of this system on plain display."

Fighting to rebuild a nation shattered by the forces of war, Japanese industrialists in the 1960s developed a number of essentially novel approaches to manufacturing. As Japanese companies in a range of industries increasingly challenged the dominance of mighty American manufacturers, worldwide interest in their findings grew.

One of the most productive of these approaches has since become known as "5S," a reflection of how the names for the five aspects of the organizational strategy are written in romanized Japanese and have conventionally been translated into English. Describing a method of work-space organization that has since been successfully applied in fields ranging from heavy industry to health care, 5S has become a subject of even greater recent interest, as companies around the world have signed on with the continuous improvement movement.

The new Think Perform guide to 5S will help readers understand what the approach consists of and what benefits it can deliver. As a leader in the field of continuous improvement, Think Perform regularly shows clients how to deploy tools like 5S without disrupting existing processes that work, a hallmark of that approach to boosting efficiency and cutting waste.

With some of those who have tried independently to leverage 5S failing to derive much benefit from their efforts, the new Think Perform guide will make for enlightening reading. Organizations interested in how Think Perform can help with 5S or the identification of other continuous improvement opportunities can sign up for a free consultation at the company's website, where the new guide to 5S is also now available.

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