Expands Range To Include Alkaline Water Bottles and Pitchers has introduced a new range of alkaline water bottles and pitchers, reflecting the rising demand for alkaline water amid a growing number of health-conscious consumers.

Alkaline water is considered by some to be able to help absorb nutrients into the body more quickly, release more energy and even fight serious medical conditions. This is based on the idea that the standard diet causes a build-up of too much acid in the body. In 2001, a study in the Shanghai Journal of Protective Medicine noted drinking alkaline water lowered cholesterol, blood glucose levels and blood pressure. More people are catching on to this idea, and is responding, by stocking high quality and affordable Alkaline Water Bottles and Pitchers.

All the alkaline water bottles and pitchers available include a water filter that uses potassium, magnesium, calcium and sodium to ionize water and make it more alkaline, using minerals already essential to bodily functioning. The bottles have a 28oz capacity and can filter 100 gallons of water, while an alkaline water pitcher can filter up to 300 gallons on a single filter.

These products will enable people to produce and drink alkaline water at will, without the need to permanently change their home or office plumbing. The filters also remove other dangerous and harmful additives and chemical traces missed by the standard water filtration process.

A spokesperson for explained, “We are pleased to be able to introduce these new products for those who are looking to get the benefits of alkaline water. Acidosis is a condition that is believed to be incredibly common in individuals due to their daily diet, and alkaline water can be the solution people are looking for. There are many studies that have shown alkaline water to have benefits to human metabolism and PH levels, both of which affect overall health. Our store has a wide range of these products to ensure there is something for every need and budget.”

About is a small family run business that features all types of reusable water bottles, to keep people hydrated and minimize the impact of disposable plastic bottles on the planet. Their wide range of items promise to be robust, hygienic and easy to use. The experienced team regularly update their product offer to reflect the latest trends and offers.

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