Thermalabs Tan Enhancer Launches on Amazon

Tan Enhancer, Thermalabs first launch under the Supremasea brand, is now available on Amazon.

Thermalabs has announced that Tan Enhancer, the first release under their recently announced Supremasea brand, is now available on Amazon. The company revealed this through a press statement distributed to press outlets by Supremasea’s brand manager, Ms. Kristina Meyers. According to Meyers, users who have been looking forward to this product will now be able to get it at an introductory price on the world’s leading online retail marketplace. This is good news for the company’s customers and other users in the cosmetics industry who are in search of a tan enhancer that can glisten their skin and create that appealing glow after a tan.

Thermalabs is a New York based company that was launched over 2 years ago with the goal of contributing to a cancer-free world. There are more cases of skin cancer today than there ever were at any other time. Most of these cases can be attributed to unhealthy lifestyles, and over-exposing the skin to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Thermalabs is one among many other company that appear to be fighting an awareness battle against sun-based tanning, which makes the skin susceptible the sun’s dangerous UV radiation. Although the cosmetics industry is understood to be a highly competitive arena especially for entrant companies, Thermalabs has been able to attain massive success. Part of this success can be credited to the company’s ‘green’ approach, and brilliant marketing strategies. For instance, Thermalabs first-ever product, a tanning lotion going by the name ‘Natural Self Tanner’ was 70% organic and 97% natural. The product also featured top quality ingredients that have known benefits for the human skin, such as Aloe Leaf Juice. Following its launch on Amazon, the Natural Self Tanner was an instant hit, selling over 1000 units in barely 24 hours. Thermalabs appears to have used the same strategy to make almost all of its subsequent launches bestsellers.

The recent move to bring a new brand to the picture has been perceived as an effort by the Israeli-owned company to increase its reach in the market. The company so far has hundreds of thousands of customers from all over the world, but with Supremasea, they are looking to tapping into a new section of the market. Dead Sea minerals are believed to harbor multiple benefits for the human skin. By using these salts and combining them with highly useful essential oils, Supremasea is formulating top-notch and highly competitive products.

Tan Enhancer is now in record as being Supremasea’s pilot product. The product is an innovative Dead Sea mineral-based formula that also contains a special blend of Shea Butter, and Vitamin E to protect the skin from environment pollutants and free radicals that are known to cause cancer. Tan Enhancer comes in the form of a face and body lotion that’s absorbed in the skin for an all-day moisturizing and enduring tan. For users who were worried about re-applying their tan every few hours, Tan Enhancer is may be a perfect product for maintaining that glistening glow on the skin.

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