Thermalabs Supremasea Brand Set to Launch New Product

Thermalabs new brand Supremasea, which was launched recently, has announced its plans to release a new Tan Enhancer formula

Thermalabs newly launched Supremasea is making the final production efforts to officially release their first Tan Enhancer product. This is the first product in Supremasea’s Dead Sea Private Collection by Thermalabs. Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics company based in New York that is motivated to creating a cancer-free world. The company focuses on formulating organic and natural products that serve as a healthy tanning solutions to customers worldwide. At inception, the company first launched a Natural Self Tanner which was an instant hit with customers. In addition to receiving positive reviews from customers, the Organic Self Tanner sold over 2000 units in just a 2 week time period. The product which was exclusively sold on Amazon e-retail market fostered Thermalabs successful reputation.

Subsequently, Thermalabs has released at least six more acknowledgeable self-tanners and tanning accessories. In a bid to expand their market turf, Thermalabs to an unpredictable approach to launching their own brand, Supremasea. Supremasea is an extension of Thermalabs that will be tasked with formulating its own range of formulas based on Dead Sea minerals.

According to the information handed out by the brand’s manager, Kristina Meyers, the Tan Enhancer offers more to a tanning formula. Stating that,” Thermalabs customers are Supremasea brands customers. The idea behind the Tan Enhancer formulation came about after frequently reviewing customer feedback. This feedback has either come from the self-tanner product reviews and Question and Answers sessions that the company sometimes has with customers. The company’s success can be credited to the fact that most products are created with the users’ needs in mind. The same can be said for the new Tan Enhancer. As much as tanning is a beauty need for tanning lovers, most self-tanning individuals want a tanned effect that will remain beautiful for as long as possible. Though Thermalabs self-tanners offer a healthy tan, the human skin is made to restore itself every few day. The Tan Enhancer is fortified with premium ingredients that help stimulate faster tanning results. The formula is created to enhance a tanned effect for longer periods while giving users skin a beautiful healthy glow. It also contains essential vitamins that help protect the skin from free radicals that are associated to aging. It is recommended that customers use this tan enhancing lotion for a moisturizing and maintaining a sexy tanned glow, all day long.”

This new release comes weeks after the Thermalabs Company introduced their new Sunscreen Protectan. The Sun-blocking moisturizing lotion is complemented with anti-aging benefits. Even though the product is still new to the market, it has been receiving a positive reception with Thermalabs customers. The Tan Enhancer is expected to follow in line to be successful, especially with Thermalabs approach to marketing their new products. Neither Thermalabs nor Supremasea has enlightened their customers on where the product will first launch. However, there is an impression that the product will find its way on Amazon, where all Thermalabs products have been debuted exclusively.

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