Thermalabs Spray Tan Tent To Sell In Stores Around The World

Thermalabs Spray Tan Tent will now be available in dozens of regional markets around the world.

Cosmetics brand Thermalabs has revealed plans to make one of its latest products, the Spray Tan Tent, available in multiple regional markets around the world. Previously, the product has only been available to customers located in the United States through The company is looking to popularize this product and make it easily available to both online and local shoppers in various countries around the world. Already, Thermalabs is opening up talks with various distributors on having this product sold in cosmetics retail joints in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France, among many other areas.

Thermalabs is a premier cosmetics firm that started out sometimes in 2013. The company is dedicated to a cancer-free world. One of the ways Thermalabs contributes to this goal is manufacture skincare products that achieve desired results within the confines of healthy. The company also donates part of its yearly profits to charity, mostly nonprofit organizations that create cancer awareness, and educational outfits that conduct research on cancer and other serious conditions affecting the skin.

Thermalabs first three products were a major factor towards its current success. The company’s pilot launch, the Golden Tanner, was a premium tanning lotion that featured unique ingredients and delivered a beautiful tan barely hours after application. Thermalabs Glow2Go tan wipes was the second product, released just months after the company opened its doors. The Ultimitt, which is currently the bestselling tanning mitt on and many other online marketplaces, was the third-ever launch. Following a well-choreographed and brilliant marketing strategy, these three products were immensely successful, selling thousands of units within just the first few weeks in the market. The young company’s focus on special ingredients such as Green Tea, Cocoa Butter and other natural or organic constituents distinguished its products from the competition’s offering.

Thermalabs spray tan tent was launched just a few months ago. It serves as a premium tan tent that can be used by both individuals, as well as by tanning salons. The product ships without a logo, which allows third-party tan salons to brand it as they wish. Thermalabs tan tent was designed to be bigger and better than any other product available in the market, which perhaps explains its exemplary performance so far.

Thermalabs marketing coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, said, “Our company is focusing on making units of our recently launched tan tent available in multiple markets around the world. Currently, this product is only available to customers within the US. We are making efforts to ship batches to European countries such as the United Kingdom, Italy, Germany, and France among many others. After that, we’ll work on making this premium tan tent available in Asia and other market-intensive regions. This development honors multiple requests by customers who have expressed the wish to have more of our products available in conventional retail outlets. Stay tuned for more!”

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