Thermalabs Reveals the Secret Behind Its Successful Formulations

Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator and brand manager have revealed the secrets behind the company’s immensely successful launch.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics brand that became known due to its formulation and production of high-quality self-tanning products. Launched just two years ago, Thermalabs has been able to research, formulate and produce at least 14 different products for the cosmetics space. The company has indeed managed to establish a foothold and succeed in an industry where over 90% of startups normally fail. By following a double-strategy that included creating awareness for green skin care products, and providing adequate solutions at the same time, the company appears to have hit the jackpot.

Thermalabs first ever release was a self-tanning product known as the natural tanner. The product was one of the ‘most natural and organic’ tanning formulations to be introduced to the market. Its ingredients were 97% natural and over 70% organic, and included Olive Oil and Aloe Leaf Juice, among multiple other substances whose skincare benefits are well understood. The success of Thermalabs introductory natural tanner was profound. Reportedly, the firm managed to sell thousands of units within the first one-week post-launch, which is considered an immense achievement for any new brand in this industry. The product’s success gave the company the stepping stone it needed to research and produce new products. Thermalabs second-ever release, Glow2Go, was highly successful. Up to today, the product is still a bestselling and top-grossing launch for the company. The Ultimitt, Thermalabs third release, closely followed in the footsteps of its predecessors, generating massive revenue for the innovative firm.

In recent times, Thermalabs has introduced a collection of top-flying products for the self-tanning niche, and general cosmetics market. These include a tan enhancing product simply known as Thermalabs Tan Enhancer. Thermalabs has also created size variations for its initial self-tanner, including a 90ml capacity that meets air travel regulations, thus a great solution for tanning buffs who travel a lot. In December 2015, Thermalabs introduced its beach tent, which is essentially equipped with an anti-UV coating that prevents sunburns and keeps users’ skin safe from the sun’s harmful radiation. The most recent release by the firm is Exfoliation Gloves Pack, which is a set of 3 exfoliating mitts that includes a natural bamboo and loofah mitt, a jute and natural sisal mitt. The product has been notably successful, helping the company expand its niche and geographical reach. These are just a few of the main products that have largely contributed to the company’s reputation.

Katrina Meyers, Thermalabs manager for the Supremasea sub-brand, revealed the secrets to the company’s success, “there are thousands of companies in the cosmetics industry, all of which provide products that are meant to get results for users. This poses some incredible competition especially for new entrants such as Thermalabs. To climb the success ladder, we sought to differentiate our products from what the competition was doing. Our focus on green, healthy, natural and eco-friendly cosmetics products is the main reason why Thermalabs is so successful today. Of course, our marketing department has been very good at what they do, but overall our obsession with quality and results has been our main advantage.”

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