Thermalabs Recently Launched Eco Gloves Listed as a Hot New Release on Amazon

One of Thermalabs latest releases, the exfoliating gloves set, has made it to Amazon’s ‘hot new releases’ list.

Thermalabs exfoliating gloves set has made it to Amazon’s list of hot new releases. This is an extraordinary achievement for a product that was launched barely one month ago. Recently, the company’s marketing co-coordinator announced through a press outlet that they had secured a patent for the exfoliating mitt. Earlier on, the company had also revealed the special formula that was used to make this product. The exfoliating gloves mitt is not the first time a Thermalabs product has ranked as a hot new release on Amazon. A section of Thermalabs tanning lotions and accessories, including the original self-tanner, the Glow2Go tanning wipes and the Ultimitt tan applicator have all made it to this list.

Thermalabs is a great example of a success story in the global cosmetics industry. Despite being launched just two and a half years ago, the firm has been able to attract global fame, mostly due to their range of self-tanning lotions. The company’s pilot product, the ‘original self-tanner’, was an instant hit on, and other global e-commerce marketplaces. The product is formulated from exclusively natural and organic ingredients, including the likes of Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Japanese Green Tea Leaf Extract. Thermalabs employed a brilliant marketing ploy to popularize this product in the market. Having nothing but a good product and deep ambitions, Thermalabs was able to use the minimal resources at its disposal to make a grand entry in the cosmetics industry. The immense success of the ‘original self-tanner’ helped shine media spotlight into the company’s unique offering, thus helping drive more sales for Thermalabs, and set the stage for the success of the company’s future products.

Thermalabs is headquartered in New York City. However, the firm operates a number of production facilities in other parts of the world. The company’s main production factory is located in Israel.

Thermalabs exfoliating gloves set is marketed as the best set of natural exfoliating scrub mitts in the market. The product encompasses a set of 3 premium bath exfoliators, which include a loofah and natural bamboo mitt, a jute mitt and a natural sisal mitt. The product is natural and eco-friendly, with keen attributes that help contribute to a soft silky skin. Thermalabs ships its exfoliating gloves set with an in-depth natural exfoliation guide and provides a Full Year Warranty as well.

The fact that this product has made it to one of Amazon’s coveted lists means that Thermalabs is not losing its momentum this year. At the beginning of this year, the company revealed that 2015 had been its breakthrough year, during which time it launched at least 8 premium and consequently successful products. Thermalabs also announced that it would be investing more money in research and marketing this year. So far, things are going well for the company. As they continue to release new products and reach new milestones in 2016, it’ll be interesting to see what new offerings the company brings to the market.

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