Thermalabs Patent Helps Boost Sales of Exfoliating Mitt

Thermalabs recently acquired a patent on its exfoliating mitt.

Thermalabs has announced that a patent it acquired on one of its latest products, the exfoliating mitt, has helped popularize this product and drive sales up. This can be attributed to the increased credibility that often ensues when a product is patented. The company had announced the patent acquisition earlier last week. This is not the first cosmetics product Thermalabs has patented. The firm has over 14 products available in the market, a section of which are either patent-approved or patent-pending. Thermalabs appears to be doing a lot these days to solidify its stance as one of the industry’s foremost innovators.

Thermalabs was found in the United States, some two and a half years ago. The launch event was organized and held in New York City, where a young Israeli and his team of young innovators introduced to the world what would be a quality obsessed brand. Within a few weeks following the launch event, Thermalabs announced it’s first-ever product, a tanning lotion going by the name ‘original self-tanner’. The company employed a brilliant ploy to bring this product to market, focusing on its unique benefits and publishing before and after photos of results. Ideally, the proposition was unique and interesting, which saw users move in droves to purchase the new organic self-tanner. Within a day, the company had moved over a thousand units. By the end of its first year in the market, Thermalabs had a customer database spanning over 50, 000 records. The immense success of the original self-tanner helped set the stage for the successful launch of Thermalabs subsequent releases.

Thermalabs operates a number of production facilities in Israel and other parts of the world. The company earlier this year announced that it’d be directing putting in more money for research. Thermalabs is committed to a skin cancer-free world. The firm wants people to use organic tanning aids rather than rely on the sunlight. According to the American Cancer Society, over-exposure to the sun’s harmful rays can lead to skin cancer.

Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, said, “In the last few days, we have seen increased activity regarding purchases of our exfoliating mitt. We patented this product recently and we’re certain this has helped boost user confidence and credibility in this particular product. Thermalabs exfoliating mitt comes with a free finger exfoliator, and it’s apparently the best product of its kind in the market. You can now reap the multiple benefits of exfoliation for a more youthful and healthier skin by counting on a patented, natural, eco-friendly product from a leading brand.”

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