Thermalabs Organic Healthcare to Launch in Weeks

Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is set to launch in the next few weeks.

Thermalabs latest sub-brand, Organic Healthcare, will have the first product available in the market within the next few weeks. This is an interesting and timely announcement ever since the company revealed plans to launch this healthcare initiative. Thermalabs has been an innovative player in the self-tanning niche for the last three years. However, in recent times, the firm appears to be making inroads in other industries, including healthcare and lifestyle.
Thermalabs started out as a little-known cosmetics firm based in the United States (headquartered in New York). The firm relied on a small production facility based in Israel to provide its first batch of self-tanning lotion. Known as the ‘original self-tanner’, Thermalabs pilot product was a major hit in the marketplace. The product relied on premium ingredients such as Japanese Green Tea, Shea Butter, and Aloe Vera to create an outstanding formulation that delivers proper results within just four hours. The product’s effectiveness was a major selling point. Following a brilliant prospecting campaign by Thermalabs, the original self-tanner managed to sell over 1000 units barely 24 hours post-launch. The product also attracted the media attention that the company needed to publicize its goal to the world, setting the stage for the successful company that there is today.

Thermalabs has so far contributed at least 16 different products to the market, most of which are premium tanning lotions and accessories. The company, in recent times, appears to be making inroads in other industries. Thermalabs announced Supremasea sometimes in 2015. This is a new sub-brand that will be tasked with producing top-quality skincare products based on salts from the Dead Sea. Already, Supremasea has introduced its first release in the market – Tan Enhancer. This is a luxury lotion that maintains that perfect glow after a tan, as well as moisturizes and protects the skin from free radicals and environmental pollutants. Thermalabs also introduced Tent World earlier this year. This is a premium sub-brand that will oversee prospecting of the company’s range of beach and sports tents. Already, Tent World has launched the widely popular Mercury Beach tent, which provides an ideal hiding place after spending some time at the beach.

Thermalabs Organic is the latest initiative by the progressive firm. This will be a handmade products brand that aims to restore the energy, health and vigor that human ancestors possessed. Thermalabs Organic will be relying on over 1000 years of healthcare wisdom acquired from the Rambam, a pre-eminent Jewish scholar, physician, and astronomer. The company has already revealed that the ingredients for these products will be sourced from herbs, seeds, and plants available in the mountains of Galilee, Israel. Already, Thermalabs has set up a factory where artisans will be working to hand make new products. Through its coordinator in charge of marketing, Alex Howard, Thermalabs has revealed that the first product will be available in the marketplace any week from now.

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