Thermalabs New Lavender Body Scrub Exfoliator Gets 5 Star Ratings on Amazon

Thermalabs has launched a new body scrub exfoliator that appears to be doing well in the market.

Thermalabs latest product, the Lavender body scrubs exfoliator has managed to score an average of 5-star ranking globally. This is a great achievement for a product that has just been introduced in the market .This is a clear indication that the product lives up to the users’ expectations. The lavender body scrub exfoliator is manufactured under a Thermalabs sub-brand called Supremasea.

Thermalabs is an innovative American firm and it appears to have hit the jackpot with its range of skincare products. The company is the top producer of the best-rated tanning products. Thermalabs opened its doors in 2013 having nothing more than a big goal and a huge achievable budget .The company was committed to helping fight skin cancer since millions of Americans were diagnosed with this terminal illness. Thermalabs first products were major hits in the market and won several trending-product brand names from Amazon .Thermalabs dominated the e-commerce marketplace and the success of the various products helped lay a solid foundation for the company. Thermalabs has various divisions each assigned with its market roles and ingredients used to design that particular product. Supremasea branch takes care of the products that are based on Dead Sea mineral salts. Thermalabs organic healthcare products are strictly handmade and designed from organic and natural ingredients.

Lavender body scrub exfoliator is made from minerals and salts of Dead Sea microscopic grains, fortified with wheat germ oil and sweet almond oil for both men and women to take care of all the skin types. Lavender is effective in getting rid of acne, skin burns, insect bites and treats tired muscles. The exfoliator ( gets rid of the dead cells off the outer layer of your skin. Scrubbing with special oils leave your skin soft and renewed with an irresistible wonderful fragrance to it. This body scrub exfoliator gently removes and cleanses excess dirt and oils making your skin look younger and fresher.

Kristina Meyers, the brand manager for Thermalabs Supremasea, said, “This new launch will help the sub-brand compete with the other companies making similar product. The product is amazing, having managed to garner a 5-star top rating from over 20 users within a period of six weeks in the market. She is confident that Thermalabs focus on organic and natural ingredients will get the upper hand.’’

An Amazon user who bought and reviewed this product, said, “Smells wonderful (like lavender) and really does a great job. When I use it, it feels super luxurious and like a great massage. I can tell it's really working. It leaves my skin feeling so pampered and soft, long after washing it away. It's the type of body scrub that contains oils, so it feels like you already put lotion on when you come out of the shower. I personally like this, as this kind is the most hydrating and it means I don't have to spend time putting lotion on after a shower, but just something to bear in mind if you're looking for a body wash type of product that leaves no trace. This also means that it separates a tiny bit—some oil floats to the top—but a gentle shake right before use completely mixes it again.”

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