Thermalabs Kick Starts Local Distribution Efforts

Thermalabs has commenced work to make its products available in numerous cosmetics outlets around the world.

Cosmetics brand has announced that it has kick-started efforts to make its products available to customers through local retail stores. This is a significant market effort that will involve having batches of the company’s products shipped to multiple countries around the world. Reportedly, the company is doing this to reduce dependence on online sales for continuity, as well as to honor the wishes of dozens of customers who have requested a physical presence for Thermalabs most popular products. Traditionally, the company launches its products on, the world’s leading online marketplace.
Thermalabs is a major cosmetics firm that became popular due to its production of high-quality tanners and tanning accessories. The company is based in New York, U.S, but operates a number of production plants in other parts of the world. Thermalabs main production lab is located in Israel. When the company launched operations sometimes in 2013, it was looking to promote awareness for skin health. Millions of people were suffering from skin cancer each year as a result of relying on the sun to get a tan. Thermalabs was determined to create proper products that would deliver results within the confines of health. The company’s first-ever launch, a tanning lotion going by the name ‘original self-tanner’, effectively lived up to that goal. Designed from unique skincare ingredients such as Shea Butter, Green Tea, and Aloe Vera, the lotion led to a beautiful tan barely four hours after it was applied to the skin. The product attracted the media attention that the young company needed to thrive in a highly competitive industry.

Today, Thermalabs has contributed at least 16 different products to the global cosmetics brands. Most of these are premium tanners and tanning accessories that are widely recognized in the market. Thermalabs has in recent times also created sub-brands as part of its diversification efforts. Thermalabs Supremasea was launched last year. According to Thermalabs, this will be an entirely new branch that will oversee production and marketing of Thermalabs exclusive range of quality skincare products based on salts extracted from the Dead Sea. Thermalabs also announced Tent World earlier in 2016. This is yet another division that’s tasked with overseeing the production of Thermalabs premium range of beach and sports tents. The most recent sub-brand to be launched by the company is Organic Healthcare, which will focus on the production of handmade health products using naturally occurring seeds, herbs and plants gathered from the mountains of Galilee in Israel. Apparently, the company isn’t taking any breaks with its plans to dominate the health-conscious cosmetics industry.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator working at Thermalabs, said, “Our Company has kick-started efforts to form partnerships that will enable distribution of our most popular products to retail locations around the globe. Already, efforts are underway to ship tens of thousands of our tanners to retail outlets in Europe. Soon enough, a considerable range of Thermalabs innovative products will be conveniently available for local shoppers in market-intensive locations around the world. Keep tuned to Thermalabs to learn more about this.”

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