Thermalabs Keeps Up With Its Record Growth Pace

Thermalabs is one of the latest brands to venture into the competitive beauty industry. The company continues to take the market by storm with its line of Self-Tanning Products

Thermalabs is a New York Company with only two years since its launch. Started by an innovative Israeli team, the company has over the months changed the perception of thousands of their customers from around the world. The company’s dive into the beauty industry where established brands enjoyed the loyalty of customers has been impressive. Most new entrants in this industry almost never make it or are too intimated by the excessive competition, but Thermalabs journey has been different.

Since the company first came into existence, it has consecutively released a number of products. Some of its more successful releases include six top quality self-tanning products which have cultivated quite the foundation for the company that was previously unknown to many. Their Sunless Tanning formula commonly referred to as America’s Best Organic Self Tanner was Thermalabs pilot product. The 140ml packaged size tanner received hundreds of 5-star ratings based on feedback from online customers.

Based on online customer reviews, Thermalabs diverse tanning products are created to give users options that are convenient and fitting to their needs. Some notable distinctions include their 250ml Sunless Tanning Lotion and Tanner. The tanner features a bonus size that lasts longer and is complemented with a narrow nozzle for easier application. Other examples include their super saver pack loaded with 20 sunless tanning towelettes, their 90ml Travel size organic sunless tanner, and the Ultimitt Tanning applicator to ease the tanning application procedure. Ultimitt happens to be one of the company’s most used accessories. Thermalabs has also targeted tanning salons through the launch of their airbrush systems.

Alex Howard, Thermalabs marketing representative, had the following to say about the Company’s growing success, “A different approach to the existing market is one of the ways Thermalabs has been able to succeed where other startups have failed. The confidence in the effectiveness and safety of the company’s products has been a factor in maintaining the loyalty of existing customers while creating a sense of trust in new customers. Most companies create products that are good, but they don’t really have a strategically long-term marketing strategy to venture into new grounds and increase their customer base. For a startup to succeed, there is need for a niche in the existing market that is viable enough to be taken advantage of. In addition to efficient marketing, the company is equipped with a state of the art production facility and skin care research center that helps in the formulation of skin-friendly organic tanning products. Happy and satisfied customers stem from focusing on their ever-changing needs. This is what has led to immense profitability by the company.”

One of the critical characteristics in each of their self-tanning products and which is thought to trigger the company’s success is their formulation. Thermalabs sunless tanning products are based on organic and natural ingredients. These ingredients are highly effective and provide a healthier tan. This the company says is much safer than the traditional sun based tanning exposes users to harmful Ultraviolet rays. UV radiation is believed to have negative implications on normal skin even going as far as causing skin cancer after long duration of exposure. Thermalabs has over its two-year timeline continued to pursue a cause towards a skin cancer free world. The company has done this through the production of its healthy lotions and formulas. Their sun-free self-tanning products have so far been a successful venture for the company. They have managed to grow their market in the highly competitive beauty industry while changing user perceptions in relation to skin tanning.

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