Thermalabs is Forging New Partnerships to Increase Market Reach

Thermalabs is working to expand its global market reach.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs is working on new partnerships in an attempt to expand its global market reach. The company had earlier announced that it was pursuing new distribution channels to reach out to more customers outside its traditional market areas. This comes at a time when the company is working to increase its product portfolio. In the recent few weeks, the company has introduced at least six different products to the market.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company works to promote healthy skin care practices, usually in line with its goal to combat skin cancer. Thermalabs opened its doors sometimes in 2013, introducing a premium tanning lotion known as the ‘Original Self Tanner’. This was a natural and organic formulation that leveraged unique ingredients such as Olive Oil and Aloe Vera. It helped tanning fanatics acquire a beautiful, sun-kissed glow within just four hours. This was a real advantage especially considered that most of the competition’s tanners required up to 6 hours to show the desired results. Thermalabs tanner also appeared to perform somewhat better compared to most other competing products. Most of this superiority could be attributed to the outstanding ingredients that the company used. The firm was also able to flex a powerful (if not ingenious) marketing muscle.

Thermalabs used the success that it saw with its first product to create a launching pad for future releases. Most of the products that Thermalabs introduced within its first year in the market, including the likes of Glow2Go and the Ultimitt tan applicator mitt, have been all-time bestsellers on and other online shopping platforms.

The company has today contributed at least 24 different products to the global cosmetics space. Most of these are tanning aids and accessories. In the recent past, Thermalabs appears to be working on a long-term segmentation strategy where different sub-brands (Supremasea, Tent World and Organic Healthcare) are set up to take over the marketing of different categories of products. This is a clear attempt at diversification that appears to have started bearing fruits for the company.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator working at the firm, said, “Thermalabs is increasingly a force to reckon within the cosmetics industry. Our products and innovative approaches have created new baselines in this space. We are glad that our customers have stayed faithful in this journey since we got started some three years ago. Thermalabs success can be attributed (in part) to our ability to leverage organic and natural ingredients to create top-notch formulations. Although we have created various sub-brands to diversify our operations, we still see the need to engage in more partnership activity with the goal of reaching out to more customers. Soon, we will be announcing some of the agreements we are signing with other global firms.”

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