Thermalabs Folding Lotion Application Set Scoring Big in the Marketplace

Thermalabs has sold thousands of units since they launched their Back Applicator Deluxe.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has revealed that they sold thousands of units of their latest product – the folding lotion application set (also known as Back Applicator Deluxe). This is no surprise especially considered that Thermalabs is one of the most prominent players in the beauty scene. The company released this product a few weeks ago as a way of helping people find a better way to apply lotion on hard-to-reach areas such as the back.

Thermalabs is an American beauty firm that opened its doors nearly three years ago. The company has so far produced at least 15 different products targeting various niches in the cosmetics space. Most of its products are premium tanning formulations such as the original self-tanner, and the travel-size tanning lotion. Thermalabs started out as an ambitious company that was determined to help reduce cases of skin cancer across the globe. Amid reports that an incredible number of skin cancer cases could be attributed to over-exposure to the sun’s UV rays, the company was keen to provide alternative tanning solutions that were both healthy and effective. The company has gradually scaled the success ladder to be one of the most innovative players in the global beauty industry. In recent times, Thermalabs has launched a separate brand – Supremasea – that will focus exclusively on the production of Dead Sea mineral-based formulations. The company also announced Tent World earlier this year. This is a new sub-brand that will oversee the production and marketing of the company’s new lineup of sports and beach tent. These new developments can be seen as an effort by the company to expand beyond its traditional influence in the self-tanning niche.

Thermalabs Back Applicator was designed to plug gaping holes in the market. According to the company, a month’s long survey concluded that most users still had difficulties applying lotion on their back. The back applicator makes it easier for anyone to apply anything on any part of their body without having to ask for help. It also increases efficiency in that users can apply lotion without leaving uneven spots behind. Thermalabs apparently designed this product to be ergonomic – firm to handle, easy to hold and fold in half. It’s shipped with four extra replacement sponges, and a luxury carry pouch.

Mr. Howard, Thermalabs marketing co-coordinator, said, “We are glad that our newly launched Folding Lotion Application Set is doing incredibly well in the marketplace. This product was produced to plug gaping holes in the market, and so far we have seen great potential. We packaged our lotion applicator with four extra sponges for added convenience and included a luxury carry pouch. But that’s not just why we have sold thousands of units of this product in a week or so. People appear to like the fact that this product is highly usable and makes things super easy. As the product becomes more widespread in the market, we are certain that it’ll perform even better.”

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