Thermalabs Folding Beach Bed to Hit the Market

Thermalabs folding beach bed will be available in the next few weeks.

Beach-related products firm Thermalabs has revealed that its beach bed will be available in major marketplaces any time from now. This is exciting news to the company’s global user based, especially considered that this is the first time Thermalabs has manufactured a beach bed. In recent times, the company has made major strides to establish its spot as an emerging supplier, and a force to reckon with, in the global market for beach accessories. The company’s entry into this industry was marked by the launch of its Mercury beach tent, which has been performing quite well on Amazon is the world’s leading e-commerce marketplace, where Thermalabs commonly introduces its new launches.

Thermalabs is a fairly new player in the cosmetics industry, but one that has had a huge impact so far. The company opened its doors three years ago during a launch event held in New York. Soon after, Thermalabs introduced its pilot product, a premium tanning lotion that was highly organic and natural. It contributed to a healthy and effective tan, in line with the company’s commitment to a skin cancer-free world. Thermalabs has built on initial success to be one of the most innovative players in the cosmetics industry. The company’s formulations are designed and manufactured at its research center in Israel’s mountainous Galilee region.

The company is mostly known due to its high-quality self-tanners, most of which are sold via, as well as Thermalabs official website. Of late, the company has been trying to diversify and expand its influence beyond the smaller self-tanning niche. The launch of two divisions, namely Supremasea and Tent World marked a major milestone in the firm’s segmentation profile. Supremasea is responsible for Thermalabs skincare products that are based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea while Tent World oversees the company’s increasing range of premium beach and sports tents. Thermalabs expansion into beach territory started last December when the company unveiled its Mercury Beach tent, which has so far been a major success.

As Thermalabs continues to innovate and produce more beach-related products, there has been a need to change various aspects of its branding efforts. Earlier this week, the company’s branding team announced that they would be changing the company’s tagline from ‘self-tanning reloaded’ to ‘Life’s a Beach’. More so, the company announced that it’d be soon releasing a set of six models for beach chairs, including the Lily Butterfly, Moon, Ivy, Holly Butterfly Fur and Iris beach chairs.

The sixth product would be Thermalabs folding Beach Bed, which will be available in the coming few weeks. This is a quality beach bed that’s meant for relaxation after some fun time at the beach. It easily finds support on sandy surfaces and is foldable for easy carrying and transportation. According to Thermalabs, this beach bed is ultra-comfortable and provides an excellent way to bask in the warm sun at the beach after a dip in the water. The company has hinted that the bed will also be priced more competitively compared to the competition’s products.

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