Thermalabs Diversifies Into the Beach Clothing Industry

Thermalabs has extended its tentacles to the beach clothing industry.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has diversified into the beach clothing industry. This is a major step for the company, which appears to be rolling out a major diversification strategy. So far, Thermalabs has managed to set up established operations in skin care, self tanning, health care, and beach-related products. The decision to produce t-shirts and other articles of clothing meant for the beach was a surprise even to some of the company’s diehard loyalists.

Thermalabs is a leading cosmetics brand based in the United States. The firm is headquartered in New York, but operates a production factory in Israel. Thermalabs was established some three years ago. It started out as an organization that campaigned to increase awareness against skin cancer. Moving forward, the company managed to secure the funding it needed to actually produce products that could help combat the increasing danger of skin cancer. According to medical professionals, millions of Americans are diagnosed with skin cancer annually. A significant proportion of these diagnoses are due to excess exposure to the sun’s harmful UV radiation. Thermalabs first ever product, the original self tanner, was a major hit. This was an exclusive formulation created from highly organic and natural ingredients. The company effectively marketed its tanner as the best thing available out there, clearly highlighting its benefits over the competition’s offering. As one might expect, the release was a major success, setting the staging base that the then new company needed for successful launch of its upcoming products.

Thermalabs has so far created at least three different sub-brands. The company’s Supremasea sub-brand was established last year. This is described as the firm’s private collection of top-notch skincare products based on mineral salts from the Dead Sea. Thermalabs earlier this year introduced Tent World, it’s new division that oversees production of quality beach and sports tents. More recently, Thermalabs announced Organic Healthcare, a new arm that will be creating healthcare products based on natural ingredients, and relying on over 1000 years of ancient healthcare wisdom. The goal of Thermalabs organic healthcare is to realize some of the health, energy and vigor that human ancestors enjoyed.

Alex Howard, a marketing coordinator at Thermalabs, said when revealing the move to diversify into the clothing industry, “Over the last few years, we have been increasing our focus on beach-related products. We have created beach tents, sunscreens and a lot of other important beach product. We decided that it is important to also match our existing product range with articles of clothing that would make one look attractive and relaxed at the beach. Our range of beach t-shirts is now available to our customers via, as well as via our official website. There’s quite a variety of top-notch beach T-Shirts available so far, and we are keen to keep topping up. For customers who have been looking around for lightweight, classic beachwear, Thermalabs has what you’re looking for. Stay tuned for more.”

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