Thermalabs Brand Reviewing Its Global Market Strategy

Thermalabs is reviewing its global prospecting approaches.

Cosmetics firm Thermalabs has said that it’s currently reviewing its global marketing efforts. This is an interesting move for thousands of Thermalabs retailers around the world. Apparently, the company is looking to boost its online revenue while also counting on local distribution channels. It’s no secret that most of Thermalabs customers are online shoppers. However, the firm is looking to utilize the small section that still prefers to get their products from local cosmetic outlets.

Thermalabs is a major cosmetics firm based in the United States. The company opened its doors some three years ago, starting out with a tanning lotion known as ‘the natural self-tanner’. This was an exclusive formulation that featured unique ingredients such as Aloe Vera and Japanese Green Tea. Thermalabs focus on natural and organic ingredients at a time when most people are concerned about the safety of cosmetics products made this lotion a major hit, selling thousands of units within its first week in the market. Thermalabs pre-launch campaign, as well as the company’s ability to highlight the product’s unique benefits over the competition, helped make the natural self tanner the success it turned out to be.

Thermalabs is dedicated to a cancer-free world. At a time when millions of people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year, the firm is determined to create quality products that deliver the expected results within the confines of health. The firm contributes a tenth of its annual profits to charity, mostly to skincare organizations that create awareness on cancer, as well as educational outfits that are researching to find a cure for cancer and other common skin ailments.

In recent times, Thermalabs has created multiple sub-brands as a way to expand its influence beyond the self tanning niche, where it has made a name for itself. Thermalabs self tanners and tanning accessories are industry-leading products, highly reviewed by critics and trusted by millions of customers worldwide.

Last year, Thermalabs introduced Supremasea. This is a new sub-brand that will be tasked with prospecting the company’s private collection of skincare products created using salts from the Dead Sea. Already, Supremasea’s first product is a major performer in the market. Known as Tan Enhancer, the product is a luxury lotion that moisturizes and protects the skin. Another sub-brand that the company has established in recent past is Tent World. This will be tasked with prospecting the firm’s upcoming range of beach and sports tents. Mercury Beach Tent, the first product to be marketed by Tent World, is also performing incredibly well in the market. Thermalabs Organic Healthcare is the final sub-brand that the company has been working on lately. This will be an exclusive brand for organic healthcare products that are hand-made from herbs found in the mountains of Galilee, Israel.

According to Thermalabs marketing coordinator, Mr. Alex Howard, the company is partnering with dozens of distribution firm in Europe and other parts of the world. This will make sure that its products are widely available to the small demography that still doesn’t shop online.

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