Thermal Remediation Shaking Up The Bed Bug Treatment Industry

Environmental Heat Solutions of Virginia predicts the new advances in thermal remediation will make the extermination of bedbugs easier than ever before.

Bedbugs are one of the most resilient pests in nature. Most chemicals that were used to exterminate them a few years ago have now been rendered useless. They are adapting and passing on the adaptations to their offspring making the problem infinitely harder to solve. However, a seemingly heaven-sent solution has emerged: heat treatment for bed bugs.

Heat treatment as a method of getting rid of bedbugs has only recently come to light but, the results are worth some serious consideration. Heat treatment is proving that it more comprehensively takes care of a bedbug infestation than any chemical can and is safer. The reason is that chemicals do not penetrate the nooks and crannies in which bed bugs usually hide and breed. However, air can pass through these slight cracks and by increasing the temperature of air in a room and reaching all nooks and crannies. The results of this method of bedbug extermination is impressive , and the evidence is growing that it might be the best solution yet.

Heat treatment is works best when deployed by professional exterminators like Environmental Heat Solutions who use high power heat canisters to heat room temputures over 135 degress.. Therefore, there has to be some preparation done beforehand. After that, all the residents should be away for the cleansing of the property. Heat treatment, in addition to being the most comprehensive method of bedbug extermination, also gets rid of bedbugs the fastest. A skilled professional should be able to get rid of bed bugs in an average sized home within a few hours. The best part is that all the eggs that older bedbugs have lain are also killed in the process, and no mutated bedbugs ever survive the arduous process. Therefore, the bedbugs are gone forever, and the home is forever safe from the annoying pests. For more information, visit

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