There are two types of fake deals on Black Friday, New Study by Pricy Finds

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Pricy analyzed the price of six million products on Amazon during Black Friday

Two types of fake Black Friday deals found in a study based on six million best-selling products on Amazon. The research aimed to study how prices fluctuate during Black Friday and to see if the deals are real. specially selected the products that were advertised as Black Friday deals and the research found that these deals can be put into three main categories.

1. Increased Price for a bigger sale
In the first category, the price of the product dramatically increased before Black Friday, just so that it can have a bigger drop on that day.

In one of the cases, an LG TV was $350 since September. The price increased to $399.99 before Black Friday and dropped to $299.99 just for Black Friday. Because of this, the product was advertised as (-25%) $100 cheaper, when in reality, it was closer to (-12.5%) $50.

The price before the drop was consistently the same, and the Black Friday price was still lower than the usual price, but the saving was misleading.

2. The saving is real, but not exclusive to Black Friday
In the second category, the price of the product has really dropped, but Pricy found that it was not exclusive to Black Friday. The price history shows the price fluctuates a lot and there is a significant drop from time to time.
“Conscious shoppers can save hundreds all year long” says Peter Varadi the CEO and Co-founder of Pricy

3. It’s the real deal
The third category is the real deal.
Based on the price changes during Black Friday there were a significant amount of products with real price drops. These are the real Black Friday deals of Amazon.

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Pricy has 102 Million data points of price changes in the past.

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