The Yeast Diet Website Provides Free Recipes to Make this Eating Plan Easy offers a way to naturally cleanse and heal the gut, while improving digestion, rebalancing the body systems and eliminate yeast infections

Candida is a variety of yeast that lives symbiotically in the vagina, gut, and mouth. It can also be found in mucous membranes and the skin. It is considered an invasive fungus, but can typically be controlled by the beneficial bacteria that is found in a normal, healthy body. A recent study has discovered that approximately 70 percent of adults have Candida in their digestive system.

In an effort to help individuals overcome the overgrowth of yeast, which can result in an array of problems, The Yeast Diet website is now offering free recipes and an eating guide outlined day by day, to follow it.

"When you follow our candida diet, you will find that you can regain your lost energy, lose weight, feel and look healthier, avoid the frustrating side effects of too much yeast and stop your unbeatable sugar cravings," stated cookbook author Whitney Frazier. "The cookbook is available on the site for $17, with the option to add a crockpot recipe book for an additional $4. Both books are full of simple and delicious yeast-free recipes that anyone will be able to follow. With this resource, you will find that cooking yeast-free is actually easy."

Some of the signs a person is suffering from an overgrowth of yeast include mood disorders, chronic fatigue, gastrointestinal issues, sinus infections, and recurring urinary tract and vaginal infections. In most cases, this overgrowth of yeast occurs because a person eats excessive carbs and refined sugars and alcohol consumption. With the yeast diet, these issues can be eradicated.

"When you follow the yeast diet, you will only be eating natural foods," continued Frazier. "The fact is, the body was designed to eat that way to achieve optimal wellness and health. We want to help you achieve this with our free cookbook."

Anyone interested in more information about The Yeast Diet and to grab a copy of the free Candida Diet Starter Guide or to purchase the cookbook can visit There are also new recipes posted on the author's Facebook page regularly, offering new meal ideas to keep things interesting.


Whitney Frazier, author of "Candida Diet Cookbook and Meal Planning," is a well-trained expert on this diet. In fact, she has spent over a decade helping others throughout the world achieve superior health with simple recipes that are used during the Candida Diet. Frazier also posts articles regularly on these topics and introduces new recipes related to yeast free living. She will also answer any questions regarding the diet and recipes on the Candida Diet Facebook page.

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