The World's First Matrix Designed With The Community In Mind

The CYBERCHAIN is crowdfund through a fully decentralized system based and built on smart contract technology on the TRON blockchain. You will know what the ultimate community matrix and their features are.


The CYBERCHAIN L12 Matrix is a model where people from all over the world can come together and crowdfund through a fully decentralized system based and built on smart contract technology on the TRON blockchain.

CYBERCHAIN’s Features and Opportunities:
12 levels, 12 positions in each level.
An opportunity to receive 50% on all of the 12 positions.
An opportunity to earn from overflow and underflow without referrals.
500% return on each level.
An automatic reinvestment and unlimited earnings.
An opportunity to start with as little as 100 TRX only.
An opportunity to buy higher levels immediately to enjoy more profit.

CYBERCHAIN is a marketing model where the more you work and build a team that you help the same way, the more you will receive.

CYBERCHAIN has been designed as the ultimate community matrix where you maximise you and your team's potential contributions by simply sharing this unique opportunity with others and teach them how to do the same.

How does CYBERCHAIN work

CYBERCHAIN is a 3x2 Matrix meaning 3 wide, 2 deep (3 front line 9 second)

The unique with CYBERCHAIN is the 50%/50% algorithm implemented for maximum support towards you and your own team.

This algorithm means that anyone has the opportunity to receive overflow dependent on the activity of your sponsor in CYBERCHAIN.

The 50%/50% works this way:
50% goes to the immediate upline (depending on placement in matrix) and 50% goes to upline upline, always.
From your 3 front line positions you will receive 50% from each.
From your 9 second line positions you will receive 50% from each.

12 levels of CYBERCHAIN

There is a total of 12 levels in CYBERCHAIN, each matrix level is a 3x2 and when purchased a level once you have activated unlimited potential earnings due to the auto open of new matrixes.
The cost of the levels is displayed in TRON (TRX)
The first 7 levels in CYBERCHAIN will double in cost (x2) leaving you with a 300% profit the first cycle
The next and last 5 levels in CYBERCHAIN will triple in cost (x3) leaving you with a 200% profit from the first cycle.

Overflow, Underflow, and Overtaking


Overflow is a person that enters your matrix sponsored by an upline above


Underflow is a person that comes into your matrix coming from your direct downline and/or overflow from top.


Overtaking is when a downline partner passes you on a level, if you are on level 6 and a downline in your team goes to 7, this person will overtake you and create lost the profits.

When you go to level 7 and this person completes his matrix to take a new position, they will take a position in Your matrix as you as upline are now at that level as well.

CYBERCHAIN is an international next-level gen crowdfunding platform and the first in the history of matrix marketing based on TRON smart contracts.

It is a self-executing software algorithm that performs the function of distributing partnership rewards between members through a decentralized smart contract (matrix marketing plan). The code for the contract is in the public and verified. Contract and all history is transparent and always available at the link

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