The Wise Reviewer Launches Consumer Guide To Assist Parents With Shopping & Research

Online research goes hand-in-hand with brick and mortar or online spending reports New guide aids parents with parties, toys, costumes and much more.

While it's truly no big surprise, according to GE Capital Retail Bank’s second annual Major Purchase Shopper Study, today's consumer is researching extensively, and comparing prices and financing offers before making major purchases over $500 these days. Results of this study show 81% of all consumers shop online before ever stepping foot in a brick and mortar store, up 20% from previous years, and spending an average of 79 days putting together information before making the actual purchase. This information came as no surprise to Jeff Wise, author of The Wise Reviewer blog, launched to keep consumers informed about fun and not so fun items that will make their lives easier.

Says Wise, "There’s nothing worse than buying a product only to find out that it falls apart after a week. Then, there’s the hassle of returning the item, which can be a real pain if it was ordered online. And if you've spent a large amount of money on the item, you want to know your money was well spent. When consumers are in the market to buy a particular item, it’s always a good idea to research all of the options. Not very many people spontaneously buy the first thing they see, unless it’s a product they’ve known about for awhile and are sure they want it. Otherwise, it takes some time to really decide what’s best for you. And it doesn’t hurt to hear what other people think about the product and the experiences they've had with it."

From this ideology, The Wise Reviewer blog ( was born. Confirms Wise, "Our posts and reviews are broken down into categories we are passionate about and we hope to give shoppers the advice they need before purchasing. That’s what this site is for. We want to help buyers find the right items and give either our own reviews or the reviews of others so readers can make the best educated decision. From toys (, baby supplies, home decor items and even party supplies ( we have reviews to let you know what works and what doesn't for us. We help you through the holidays so you don't have to spend all those hours shopping or researching, but can let someone else do it for you."

About The Wise Reviewer:

As a husband and father of two children, Jeff Wise is a self-proclaimed tech guru who loves the fun and research which goes along with being a blogger and reviewer. Through his blog, he looks for quality, researching everything in-depth, all the while watching budgets before buying. This site will feature reviews of products he and his family personally love and ones he feels everyone can use for their home and everyday life.

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