The Warehouse Pakistan Launches New Feature To Allow People To Customize Their Every Item

The Warehouse Pakistan is the only site in Pakistan that enables people to custom design and print their own products, whether for individuals or professional designers creating merchandise.

In an age where fashion is evolving and changing more rapidly than ever, and subcultures are identifying themselves less by their clothes and more by their ideas, people are now observing a trend toward expressing the individual over the tribe when it comes to clothing tribes. The natural end point of this trend is custom clothing, which has traditionally been the preserve of only a fraction of elites. Now however, The Warehouse Pakistan is offering custom everything, and at a price anyone can afford.

The Warehouse Pakistan offers the first opportunity for online shopping in Pakistan with a fully automated, online design and printing service for a huge range of merchandise, including t-shirts, mobile covers, mugs, kitchen accessories, mouse-pads, notebook covers and more. Individuals simply upload their preferred art work and orient it onto the product as they see fit, and can even add text elements and other custom features before sending it to be printed.

On a small scale, this enables individuals to create beautiful bespoke gifts with a unique and personal touch. For more ambitious individuals such as artists and graphic designers who create stunning imagery, it is an opportunity to create affordable bulk orders of merchandise that can be re-sold at profit.

A spokesperson for TheWarehouse Pakistan explained, “We are pleased to be able to provide this customization service on all the items we stock, creating unlimited possibilities for thousands of products, which can then be used to either market existing businesses, become a product for individuals selling their designs, or simply be a great and memorable custom gift or T-shirt idea. The new online software is easy and intuitive to use, and all orders have secure payment options and fast delivery times. There has never been a better time for Pakistanis to express their individuality.”

About The Warehouse Pakistan: is the first custom printing store in Pakistan. After becoming one of the largest online shopping site in Pakistan, The Warehouse now brings the power of customized products to customers throughout the country. Users can now design their own personalized products, including printed t-shirts, caps, mobile covers, bags, mouse pads, mugs, clocks and much more.

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