The Ultimate Inside Account of Dick Cheney’s Life by FOX News Correspondent James Rosen

Rosen Tells Everything There is to Know about Former VP on Jason Hartman’s Creating Wealth Show

Scottsdale, Arizona – FOX News correspondent James Rosen appeared on the Creating Wealth show with host Jason Hartman for an in-depth discussion on former Vice President of the United States, Dick Cheney.

In December 2014, Cheney invited Rosen to his Virginia home to record an interview, and over three days, the two engaged in ten hours of conversation that resulted in Rosen’s book, CHENEY ONE ON ONE: A Candid Conversation with America's Most Controversial Statesman.

Rosen praised Cheney for his generosity, citing that their initial interview appointment was supposed to be six hours. Instead, Cheney increased the time for a total of ten hours.

“I can promise you have never heard Dick Cheney open up like he did with me in the 10 hours I spent with him at his home,” Rosen said.

Rosen went into detail about Cheney’s younger years – his upbringing in Nebraska, the role of faith in his life, and why he dropped out of Yale. His background helps explain how he developed the mental toughness to survive five heart attacks and serve as a great leader to the United States.

“Cheney is to be admired for his running of the federal government directly after the 9/11 crisis,” Rosen said. “Cheney ran the country from a bunker underneath the White House on 9/11 while President Bush was in flight.”

The topic then turned to jobs. Cheney cited that previous revolutions – such as the Industrial Revolution – have expanded employment opportunities. The Digital Revolution, however, has not, as evidenced by the highest rise in the labor dropout rate since the 1970’s.

Rosen also believes both Cheney and former President George W. Bush deserve credit for their fights against terrorism. He gives the example of a territory in eastern Syria – where a nuclear reactor built by North Korea stood before being destroyed by Israel at Bush and Cheney’s urging – now being controlled by ISIS.

“And yet, Dick Cheney still says we have the Israelis to thank for keeping ISIS under control,” Rosen said.

Rosen is the chief Washington correspondent for FOX News and hosts the online show The Foxhole. His previous book THE STRONG MAN: JOHN MITCHELL AND THE SECRETS OF WATERGATE was published to wide critical acclaim for its coverage on the rise and ruin of Richard Nixon and the highest-ranking American official ever convicted on criminal charges.

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