The Traveling Groomer records a demand increase of 80% in February, or the highest growth rate in North Carolina

The Traveling Groomer is a pet grooming company located in North Carolina. The company is well-known for high-quality service they offer and the fact their employees are prepared to make grooming fun for any pet.

Having a pet is the most important thing for most people. Some of them are even so enthusiastic about their pets so they want the best service. The Traveling Groomer is a company that offers services for quite some time and they are well-known in the state. Beside quality, this company offers an interesting and unique approach.

United States: February, 15 2016

North Carolina: The Traveling Groomer records the highest growth of their services, since the company was founded. The amount of the increase is amazing 80%. An interesting fact is that this company has the highest demand growth in North Carolina. This announcement has come from several, private statistics companies in the same state. Another interesting fact is that The Traveling Groomer is expected to become the dominant company for services like these in the state.

The owner and the spokesperson of the company said “We noticed that more and more people are calling us and require our services, but we were so busy with the work that we didn’t even notice the actual amount of this increase. I honestly believe that 80% is an extremely high increase and I am more than pleased that my company reached this. On the other side, this also means that we are going to need a lot of improvements and additions to our team and to our company in general. The first thing we are going to do is to increase the number of our employees.”

Although, The Traveling Groomer is one of the newest companies for services like these in the state, they have a lot of positive testimonials and they are the most common choice of most locals. One of the reasons is an interesting and very pleasant approach to the pets. According to the customers, the employees of this company are gentle and they can make grooming less stressful to any pet.

It is expected that the company makes several improvements during this year. At this moment, these improvements are unknown, but they are going to be related to personnel increase. Although, this may sound like a wonderful job, the company has a strict hiring policy and not every person can work for them.

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