The Ticktin Law Group Launches Legal Brains Website Offering Free Legal Advice

Law firm offers guidance in an array of legal areas and helps build strong cases with the help of new website.

With more than 50 million injuries occurring in the United States each year, Florida's numbers rank among the highest in the nation. Varying in severity and nature, the majority of victims suffer from work related injuries, vehicle accidents and slip and fall situations. State records reveal almost 40 percent of these situations go unresolved, leaving the victim with mounting medical bills and numerous additional expenses.

A representative of the The Ticktin Law Group explained, "In many of these situations, the victims are unaware they may have a case. Some avoid filing a claim due to fear of being dragged through the mud by their opponent's attorneys. Still others simply wait too long to file a claim because they fail to realize such matters have a statute of limitations." In light of these facts, members of the law firm have launched their Legal Brains website to provide free legal advice to residents of Deerfield Beach and the surrounding areas.

According to the website, Florida generally holds a statute of limitations of 2 to 4 years, depending on the case; therefore, legal experts recommend seeking legal counsel as soon as possible following an injury. Those who are unsure of whether they have a solid case are encouraged to speak with a Miami personal injury attorney to explain their situation. Consultations are offered at no charge to the victim. Once the attorney determines if the client's claims will hold up in court, he can begin to build a case before the statute of limitations is reached.

Regarding victims who fear intense scrutiny from the opposition, the law firm's spokesperson noted the at-fault party's legal team will more than likely make every possible attempt to negate any claims made against them. While such fears are certainly founded, strong legal representation and a well prepared case are the best methods of fighting such actions. An attorney's very purpose is to represent clients to ensure they are fairly compensated for their injuries and damages.

Concluded The Ticktin Law Group's spokesperson, "Victims in any type of situation deserve an attorney who will take their concerns seriously and fight for their rights. We believe in doing so ethically and at a fair price. By visiting our Legal Brains website, potential clients can relay their situation to us, and we will offer advice. We will also be happy to set up a free consultation to perform a more in-depth assessment of their issues and determine if they have a case. Whether in need of worker's compensation or a Divorce Attorney Miami, there is no reason to hesitate when it comes to asking for legal assistance. We are here to help."

About Legal Brains:
By combining integrity with creativity, cost effectiveness and communications, The Ticktin Law Group builds solid cases for their clients in a variety of areas including corporate, family, medical malpractice and personal injury law. Their attorneys work together on behalf of their clients to ensure they are well represented and their rights are protected.

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