The Tearful Journey; From Dug Addict To International Success Story

Two years ago Ryan Zamo was lost in drugs and alcohol, today he is almost two years clean and sober, and has become an international success story. The 25 year old now has his own skincare line, Z Skin, which is taking the world by storm.

Z Skin Cosmetics was born just 4 months ago, and today has been recognized with multiple awards and has become critically acclaimed for its low prices and extremely fast results. Just over two years ago, Ryan Zamo, the CEO and founder of the company, was lost in drugs and alcohol and on the verge of dying within weeks of getting help. “I didn’t know where to turn for help, I was so sick and just couldn’t find a way out of it, all I wanted was for someone to help me find my way again”, the young entrepreneur explained. Ryan Zamo was finally checked into a drug and alcohol rehabilitation program for 90 days in January 2013, and today we are proud to report he has stayed clean and sober since.

“When I was in there, I never felt so loved in my life, I knew that whatever I did, I wanted to help others the way I was helped. They guided me to recovery, to see self worth again and most of all, they showed me that life was worth living for again” Zamo quoted in his interview with us. When Ryan Zamo finally was back on his feet, he got to take a good look at himself again “my skin was terrible, I was way too skinny and I knew I had to do something about it”, so Ryan started on his journey to organic food and products to help nourish himself back to health.

Ryan mentioned how he started making skincare for himself after realizing all of the terrible chemicals that go into “good” skincare. “After I realized I actually created an amazing organic product, I sized up my competition and realized I could price it at $250 or more… then, I saw that I could finally help others the way I was helped, with personal interest and care, that’s why I priced my products $15 and under!” the young CEO stated.  Ryan not only makes all of his own products, but spends hours a day speaking with his customers to help them pick the exact products to use, and follows up with them as much as possible to give them suggestions and answer any questions they have.

Two years ago Ryan Zamo was a drug addict and on the verge of dying, today his company is being called “The Creator Of The Next Proactiv” by the wall-street journal, “Best New Affordable Skincare Line” by the Daily Herald, “Product Of The Year” by the Daily News, and The LA Times says his "New Organic Skincare Line Works Better Than Proactiv And Clinique”. Ryan Zamo was able to take his story and struggles and turn it into an international success story. With his dedication to his helping others with affordable products and personal consultation , it seems he had just broke the surface of his upcoming success.

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