The Szantho Law Firm Reveals Driving Dangers During The Holidays

The Szantho Law Firm reveals the causes of holiday accidents and cautions motorists to drive safely this season.

The New Mexico Department of Transportation recently announced the 2013 Holiday Superblitz campaign. While the focus of their announcement is preventing accidents caused by drunk drivers, The Szantho Law Firm would like to also caution against the other dangers of road travel this time of year.

“Drunk driving is a major concern, and to date in 2013 it has been a significant factor in a large percentage of New Mexico’s fatal collisions,” Says Andras Szantho, founder of the Szantho Law Firm. “However despite the marked increase of drunk driving incidents over the holidays, in 2010 alcohol was only cited in about ten percent of holiday accidents.”

Increased patrols and checkpoints help prevent accidents in New Mexico by taking intoxicated motorists off the streets before they can cause an accident. However, their effectiveness in combatting some of the more mundane causes of collisions can be dependent on a variety of factors. An alert officer may encounter an exhausted driver at a sobriety stop and request that they rest, but fatigue later in a long trip, or reckless driving when running late are more problematic.

Add to that an increased number of travelers on the highways, many often driving on unfamiliar roads, and wintry weather conditions. The result is a higher than normal percentage of people who are stressed and unaccustomed with local hazards. Combined with fatigue or hurried driving, the results can be disastrous.

“The best bet for staying safe while driving this holiday are to follow some simple guidelines,” concludes Szantho. “Take the time to drive carefully, it’s better to arrive late than be in an accident. Don’t drive if you are fatigued or otherwise impaired. Finally, pay attention to weather and road conditions, even familiar routes can turn dangerous under harsh circumstances.”

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