The Szantho Law Firm Examines Daily Accident Averages For New Mexico’s Roadways

Personal Injury Attorneys The Szantho Law Firm Finds Only Marginal Improvement In Recently Released Traffic Crash Report.

According to 2012 census data there are over 2 million people living in the State of New Mexico, yet in 2011 there were 43,227 traffic crashes reported on public roads in the state; involving five percent of the population, and resulting in over 18,000 injuries. These are just a few of the statistics in the recently released New Mexico Traffic Crash Annual Report for 2011. The Szantho Law Firm took a look at the report and noted that several of the daily averages show no to only marginal improvement over the 2010 report.

“The report lists several important averaged statistics, some of which are that there is a traffic accident once every 12 minutes in New Mexico, and that there is one fatality per day,” says Andras Szantho, founder of the Szantho Law Firm. “But when compared with the data from 2010 we see that in terms of total number of accidents there was a slight increase, and other statistics remained almost constant from 2010 to 2011. In a state with already high injury and fatality rates, to see the numbers remaining constant is disheartening.”

According to the report, on an average day in New Mexico, there were 118 crashes that involved 309 people, with 51 people injured and 1 person killed. Some of the other statistics included that there is an injury caused by an accident every 30 minutes, one distracted driving crash per hour and an alcohol related accident every four hours. Also bicyclists and pedestrians tended to be struck by a vehicle at an average rate of one per day.

“I think the fact that there wasn’t a marked increase of accidents in several areas is positive, but there are several areas that need improvement,” concludes Szantho.

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