The Spy Shop Offers A New Range Of Hidden Cameras Within Functional Every Day Devices

The Spy Shop has a whole new stock of options including camera clocks, camera watches, camera key fobs and camera pens, with full audio, video and picture capabilities.

With the shrinking of equipment and the advancement of manufacturing methods, technology is available in ever smaller sizes. One of the principle benefits of this shrinking of technology is that now spy devices once seen only in fiction are commercially available to buy for the general public, allowing people to live a little more like James Bond, as well as address having legitimate uses in intelligence gathering, surveillance and more. The Spy Shop has opened its doors to European trade from their base in London, and offer spy equipment of all kinds for any application.

The online catalogue includes door peep hole cameras with relay monitors, metal detectors, car ‘parktronic’ proximity devices and even mini PC’s for fast and covert computing. Their range of hidden cameras is perhaps the most extensive, with cameras hidden in watches, pens, glasses and even smoke alarms to provide complete and portable surveillance capabilities for any occasion.

The online catalogue is replete with high quality imagery of all products which each have their own unique and detailed product description, together with clear pricing and fast and secure payment options. Items can be purchased and shipped to anywhere within the EU, from the smallest accessory to the largest bulk order.

A spokesperson for The Spy Shop explained, “These gadgets are a great Christmas gift for individuals who wish to engage in playful acts of espionage with their friends but they also carry very serious applications. Cameras hidden in alarm sensors and smoke alarms can double security and actually lower insurance premiums in some cases, while camera glasses can actually be useful to students who wish to take pictures of key pages from textbooks instead of taking them out of the library. The store has everything from metal detectors to endoscopes, so we can accommodate everyone from gift buyers to private security firms.”

About The Spy Shop:
The Spy Shop sells a wide variety of spy equipment, surveillance gadgets and fun items that allow individuals to covertly observe and record events using surreptitious and disguised devices. The Spy Shop has the latest in spy equipment and covert surveillance technology and sells to countries throughout the EU.

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