The Sorcerer's Tower Announces Expanded Product Selection

The Sorcerer's Tower is pleased to announce that they now have expanded product selection through multiple new suppliers.

The Sorcerer's Tower is pleased to announce that they now have expanded product selection through multiple new suppliers. The company started small, with only a small amount of products in stock, but as they have grown, their suppliers have grown with them as well. Now, their stocks is truly impressive and includes everything anybody could want for a true medieval or magical theme.

John Siebert, founder of The Sorcerers Tower, stated: "We are almost overwhelmed with the great degree of success our company has had. We always thought that our niche was small and didn't interest too many people, but it seems that we were wrong. We have had to seriously expand our business operations and suppliers, and we couldn't be happier about it."

The Sorcerers Tower focuses on a range of medieval products. For instance, it stocks various fantasy figures and swords fantasy items. Their goal is to provide an outlet for those who are interested in this type of field, whether that is for fun role play, fancy dress parties or to actually decorate their home. Indeed, they even stock medieval knight armor, which can either be positioned in a room as a decoration item, or it can actually be worn.

From the word go, the Sorcerers Tower has been about providing fantastic customer service. John Siebert explained: "The world of medieval interests is more like a community. We wanted to make sure that our website actually provided this community with something valuable, rather than just being an outlet for us to earn a living through." Indeed, both John and his wife Candy have worked in the field of customer service for over two decades, making them true experts on ensuring that people actually get what they want.

It is for this reason that the website regularly has special offers and holiday sales on, allowing customers to get their hands on some fantastic items at a more affordable price. Additionally, the website also includes a huge range of information about the medieval era, with such things as videos and an interesting blog. There are fascinating facts about famous people from this time in the history, but also recipes from meals actually consumed during those days, information about weaponry and armor, and some of the world's most beautiful and enchanting myths. Now that the Sorcerers Tower has an expanded product selection through multiple new suppliers, they are able to link these two elements together. When they discuss a certain type or armor or weaponry, for instance, they are able to immediately link their customers to the items themselves, which they are then able to purchase should they so choose.

For further information about the Sorceres Tower, their expanded stock or all things medieval, please contact John Siebert. He can be reached via email on, or alternatively via telephone on 864-201-2973. Naturally, customers can also go straight to the website,, where they will be able to find all the information they need about fantasy and the medieval world.

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