The small but growing corner of the metaverse being built by every-day people.

Here come the self-builders of the Metaverse, thanks to disruptive blockchain technology and NFTs. Including fully immersive 3D art galleries, for those who don’t like planes!

With big tech clambering to enter the wider Metaverse space there is somewhat of a peoples movement taking place blockchain based digital realms with one project being which is being rapidly developed on the Cardano eco-friendly proof of stake protocol.

With Cardano based Non-Fungible-Tokens (cNFTs) serving as proof of ownership of the digital Land, effectively the ‘freehold’ of that particular realm, attention quickly turns to what exactly can be deployed onto that digital space and the possibilities appear to be quite endless.

From hotdog stands to digital billboards, all manner of Pavia Compatible Assets (PCAs) are being developed by the community. The project has seen a large number of blockchain based projects acquiring ‘estates’ which are 9 adjoining land parcels, thus giving a larger buildable area to showcase their offering, whatever it may be. The projects discord is abuzz with over 50,000 community members all keen to help develop the Cardano based metaverse, many building houses, games, businesses and attractions. You can even buy virtual meals from the ‘Cardano Kitchen’ project.

One such exciting entity is which recently partnered with to develop decentralised Smart Contract, based fully immersive art galleries:

What this means is the Pavia digital Land owner will be able to deploy a 3D art gallery in the metaverse, then link their blockchain wallet and select which of their cNFT based artworks they wish to display. In-game visitors can then peruse the artworks on display as if it were a brick and mortar gallery, interact with some, and even purchase with cryptocurrency. All without leaving the comfort of their armchair. No flights needed. Only time will tell if this will become the go-to solution for the global art scene.

So, whilst all eyes may well be on the big names entering the space, it may well be the most rich and diverse experiences in the Metaverse will come from these blockchain backed start-ups.

For more information on the Pavia Metaverse project please visit: or follow @Pavia_io on twitter for frequent updates.

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