The signal appears! The 2020 smart contract outlet broke out on the TRON public chain Lightning Matrix

In the second half of the 2020 blockchain, the Lightning Matrix Network, a smart contract developed by TRON, turned out to be a surprise!

In the era of blockchain 3.0, commercial applications and chain reforms have been delayed and unable to expand, the market is showing weak connectivity, and consensus is at risk. In the second half of the 2020 blockchain, the Lightning Matrix Network, a smart contract developed by TRON, turned out to be a surprise! It aims to create a strong consensus on the blockchain through decentralized marketing and realize an inclusive future that benefits everyone and everyone benefits.

The Lightning Matrix is a smart contract deployed on the TRON public chain. The technical idea originated from a global marketing attempt in the United States. It was developed by the US Silicon Valley Lightning Network Lab. It only charges 2% of the technical support network fee and 98% of the total. Used as market incentives. Lightning Matrix adopts a unique 10 matrix * 6 node marketing method. The system has a total of 10 ladder matrices, from L1 to L10, each level matrix has 6 nodes. Invite partners to fill up this node to get point-to-point revenue. 2000TRX (less than 50 US dollars) can start the market, invite one to pay back 98%, and invite two to return 126%. Filling up a cascade matrix can get at least 2.52 times the income of this matrix. Fill up the 10 step matrix, you can get at least 5,565,120 TRX. After the matrix is upgraded, it can be reset infinitely, obtain unlimited dynamic income, and easily realize the freedom of wealth.

Lightning Matrix is 100% open source through a fair, just, open and transparent operation method. Unlike centralized virtual currencies, all code chains can be queried. There is no company, no operator, no administrator, Lightning Matrix smart contract development The team, like all participating users, enjoys the right to participate in TRX distribution on an equal footing. The user's investment does not pass through anyone, but only exists in the smart contract. All program chains run automatically and cannot be changed. Automatic settlement on the income chain, one-time transfer directly to your own TRON wallet.

As one of the world's five major public chains, TRX has always been stable in the top ten global digital currencies. After many rounds of bear market tests, it still sits firmly in the "C position" of the currency circle, and users are not easy to be cut leek and cause currency holding losses. At the same time, according to the [Decentralized Application Report for the Third Quarter of 2019] published by, TRON ranked second in the global public chain with 467 DApps, 47 new DApps, 105,853 new users, and 36.32 million transactions. According to the value-price volatility theory, TRON compares the market value of Ethereum with USD 327.7 billion. In the digital currency incremental market, there is at least 25 times the market appreciation space. The Lightning Matrix marketing TRON TRX through the nationwide smart contract to maximize the value of TRX and build a global inclusive consensus. The volume and price will rise together. What everyone earns is not air currency, MLM currency, and zero currency, but the world's second public Chaincoin, truly realize the dream of making money while lying down!

Obtain the most considerable income with the smallest investment. The Lightning Matrix does not have any capital precipitation, does not set a capital pool, 0 bubbles, and 0 risks. Breaking the traditional speed of making money, the unique development model of Lightning Matrix will promote the hot expansion and rapid fission of the market, and is interested in global digital currency investment players to create a trillion-scale market!

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