The Shuster brothers launch Proatmeal crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter

Proatmeal delivers the healthiest high protein oatmeal food product on the market. It's organic, vegan (dairy free), and gluten free.

Leesburg, VA – Greg & Jeff Shuster are proud to announce that the Proatmeal Kickstarter campaign has gone live today. Proatmeal has been in development for years now and it's a great triumph to finally be available to the public.

What is Proatmeal?

Proatmeal is an organically flavored convenience food focused on the gluten free and vegan combination of oatmeal and brown rice protein. While the fitness community has mixed whey and oats before, these suffered from poor taste, inconvenience, and low quality ingredients. The idea is essentially GNC meets Trader Joes… Quaker Oats meets Muscle Milk… but not made just for fitness pros.

Pound for pound, Proatmeal is one of the healthiest foods in the world. It hits heavy in protein, fiber, and complex carbs for a healthy and filling mix with no preservatives.

The launch flavors include Peanut Butter, Banana & Chocolate (Contains peanuts), Blueberry Cheesecake, and Plain & Simple (mix up your own flavor combinations).

The Proatmeal Story

Five years ago, Jeff “Cheffrey” Shuster introduced his older (and out of shape) brother Greg to chocolate whey protein mixed with oats after using it to help keep Jeff in shape while traveling full time for work. Proatmeal was an integral part of Jeff's diet while he was living near Washington D.C. and working full time in Northern California. What began as a tasty and healthy daily alternative to hotel breakfasts, fast food stops, airport prices, and office bagels became a habit Jeff has kept ever since. Over time, the brothers have cooked up and consumed multiple versions of the original concoction in search of something better. Greg and Jeff shared with friends, family, and frankly anyone who would have a taste.

The brothers Shuster know that Proatmeal isn't a new concept and different recipes can be found littered throughout bodybuilding message boards across the net. The difference is that Proatmeal aims to provide people inside and outside the fitness community with something that tastes great and is convenient for a busy lifestyle. Why settle for the single serving Quaker packet in the office kitchen when one can have a full meal's worth of protein to power through the day? Though there are many like it, Proatmeal stands alone in what it delivers.

All product pre-orders can be done via pledges on the Kickstarter campaign site:

Make sure to order soon as the campaign will be running for 40 days. Delivery on the ordered product can be expected in May 2014.

Contact Info:
Name: Greg Shuster
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Organization: Proatmeal
Phone: 703-624-0234

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