The Rise of PaperTrue as an English Editing Giant

Pune-based PaperTrue has been establishing itself as a global giant of editing and proofreading services. Recently, the company has also opened up working opportunities for freelance editors all over the world.

From scribbling resumes to compiling work reports to writing dissertations, writing is a skill with far-reaching benefits. It’s understandable that you’d want to get it just right. But most of us aren’t writers and rarely have access to resources that improve writing skills.

This conundrum caught the attention of four like-minded people who were united by experiences that prompted them to work towards creating a space that enabled people from all walks of life to improve their writing. In 2014, Rishi Raj, Neha Vaidya, Meghana Dharap, and Manish Keswani came together to begin PaperTrue, an editing and proofreading company based in Pune, India.

They began as a team of barely 6 people—across management and editorial—and have worked their way up to a team with 50 in-house editors and an additional 150 working with them from across the globe. Today, PaperTrue’s editors lend their expertise to help students, writers, and professionals all over the world to produce quality English language work.

They began small by targeting students from the UK, establishing themselves as specialists in academic editing. But in competing with companies with a similar vision, they knew they had to expand their horizons.

The first few years were about consolidating their base and trying to understand how they can use their expertise in language to make editing and proofreading services more accessible. Increasing the number of editors was the first step. As the PaperTrue family grew, they could expand their client base as well. Editing practices became more specialized and there was more effort put into customizing each client’s needs. Whether it was proofreading and formatting a dissertation, working on precise language for legal documents, or helping an aspiring novelist craft their piece to perfection, within a few short years, PaperTrue had all bases covered.

The next step was to think: what after editing and proofreading? Over the years, they’d realized that each client base had specific considerations to account for, after editing. They gradually expanded their services to include plagiarism checks and referencing for academic documents, and typesetting, cover design services, copyright page formatting etc. for aspiring writers.

So far, PaperTrue has been actively engaging with individuals around the world to achieve better quality English writing. Since 2019, they have also been establishing tie-ups with businesses, universities, and academic journals to elevate the quality of English writing, especially in regions with ESL speakers. With these partnerships, their editing services have become much more large-scale.

This year, the organization also reframed its business model to open up working opportunities for freelance editors. In becoming a part of the PaperTrue network, freelancers can pursue an editing career from anywhere in the world.

With offices currently in India, USA, and Singapore, they are currently branching out to set up offices in China and Europe.

About PaperTrue

PaperTrue is an editing and proofreading company that offers services to academics, organizations, and authors. The company has over a hundred native English-speaking editors with years of experience. Furthermore, an efficient document allocation system ensures that editors' assignments are assigned to editors specializing in the subject matter, ensuring the highest possible quality.

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