The Premier Traditional Chinese Medicine Herbal Products Company In China Is Expanding To North America

North American launch of multi-billion dollar Traditional Chinese Medicine company creates unprecedented timing and opportunity.

Infinitus Health, the largest direct selling company in Asia, is expanding into North America.  No one has even heard of this company in the west.  So, this represents an amazing marketing opportunity.  After opening in North America, the company will be expanding to the rest of the western world over the next few years!  The company just launched in Canada and is in pre-launch in the United States! 

Infinitus Health offers the highest quality, purest Traditional Chinese Medicine herbal formulations.  These formulations are so good and so effective, that this company is the number 1 direct selling company in the 5 markets it is currently in.  Ongoing product innovation is assured with a $100 million+ annual research budget and partnerships with Harvard, Cambridge and other major Universities.

In Traditional Chinese Medicine, product combinations were not created just to sell and make money. They were often for the royal family and the emperor. And the consequences of failing to produce positive results would be catastrophic to the practitioner. So, these ingredient combinations have stood the test of time over hundreds of years and tens of thousands of practitioners trained in the art of TCM.  These practitioners have treated literally millions of people.

So, these products and formulations work and do exactly what they are designed to do.  In ancient times, practitioners would get together and compare notes about what combinations they were using and the results they were having. So, there are no wasted ingredients. If it worked an ingredient was kept; if it didn’t work, it was discarded. The best formulations were enshrined in textbooks that are thousands of years old.

When these outstanding and unique products are combined with the opportunity to work from home via the network marketing business model, it creates a winning situation for the right person.

The company is also creating a special program for Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioners to incorporate these products into their practices.

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