Metabloqs: A trusted new Metaverse

Metabloqs is a decentralized metaverse to network, learn and play.

Metabloqs is an exciting new trusted metaverse where users can connect with thousands of other people, indulge in gaming activities as well as learn new things, all while monetizing their experience running on the XinFin Blockchain. As the world is amalgamating into a digital world, Metabloqs is building an economy where trust and communication are no longer taking a back seat. The advanced algorithm boosts social engagement and recognition and provides token incentives for people to build authentic and trustworthy connections. For example, it even turns the most famous and fundamental social media feature ‘likes’ into tokens! This ‘Turn-Trust-into-Tokens’ is a very creative way to build communities through social commerce.

First 5’000 users benefits - rent the Eiffel tower

The concept of land ownership and building of ‘residential communities’ is as old as human civilization itself and why should the digital world stay aloof. Meta-cities like Paris are being developed on Metabloqs where users can invest in real estate and buildings - you can even rent the Eiffel tower for a day! The first 5’000 registered Metabloqs citizens would be rewarded with 1 NFT land and 1 rare good to kickstart their immersive experience. Not just real estate, users can also invest in other digital assets like avatars, cars, services, assets with educational and collectible value, etc.

GameFi the next big thing and Learn to Earn

Popular sports like football, poker and bowling can be played on the Blockchain. As per the reports by Massoit, the no. of unique wallets that interact with game-related smart contracts per day increased to 1.3 million last year. This is a 46-fold growth over the 28000 wallets daily recorded at the end of 2020. This evidently shows that GameFi is soaring and Metabloqs is providing just the right avenue to learn, play and work and earn! Gaming platforms are also early examples of what can happen in the metaverse and the increased interest in the metaverse is among the reasons Microsoft, paid $69 billion to acquire Activision Blizzard gaming company. The fun part is not just limited to games and social interactions – users can also organize events including birthday parties, startup pitches, conferences, live shows, auction of NFTs, fairs, exhibitions, concerts, etc. Taking diversity in educational opportunities into account, Metabloqs has also pioneered a ‘Learn To Earn’model that incentivizes students to avail of top-of-notch education in an engaging manner.

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