The Phone Repair Depot San Diego Reports Milestone 1,000th Phone Screen Repaired

The Phone Repair Depot in San Diego has just reported the repair of its 1,000th phone screen, showing fragile glass is still an issue in today’s tech gadgets.

Phone screens have a difficult compromise to make between clarity, touch sensitivity, and robustness, which means all too often the strength of the screen is put second to its function. The result is cracked phone screens in huge numbers, which creates an annoying problem for those with the latest devices. The Phone Repair Depot in North County, San Diego specializes in iPad repair, iPhone repair and Samsung phone and tablet repair, and has just repaired its 1,000th phone screen. The epidemic proportions of such a huge number of cracks and shatters led the company to publish an infographic exploring the causes.

According to their research, up to 15% of phone users are using a phone with a cracked screen at any given time. 26% of iPhone owners have cracked their screens at some point, and 79% of people will put up with a cracked screen for over a week before getting it replaced.

Thanks to their high speed, same day drop off and pick up screen repair service, The Phone Repair Depot has succeeded in fixing more phone screens in less time than any of their competitors, with a price match promise and one year guarantee on all work.

A spokesperson for The Phone Repair Depot explained, “We have been successful in repairing over a thousand phone screens, meaning there isn’t a broken screen on an iPhone or Samsung that can surprise us. These figures don’t even include the cracked tablets and other devices we help to repair. Our new infographic helps people understand the causes and prevalence of cracked phone screens, which helps to justify the need for our services, which are quick, affordable and reliable. As long as there are flimsy screens on phones, we will be around to fix them when they let their users down.”

About The Phone Repair Depot: The Phone Repair Depot is situated in North County San Diego, and specializes in the repair of iPhone, iPad and Samsung products. They price match local competitors to guarantee the best service possible at the best price, and offer a 1 year warranty on all iPhone & iPad screen repairs.

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