The Nomad Community Launches the DNX Community Platform, Built Inside Ethereum Blockchain

The DNX Community has created a unique digital platform inside the Ethereum Blockchain, underpinned by its own cryptocurrency, the NomadCOIN (DNX), to establish the world’s first economy on the internet for Digital Nomads and the Global Remote Workforce.

The Nomad Community is a brand new digital ledger that has been created in the Ethereum Blockchain, with a downloadable app for iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS and Linux.

The platform provides everything freelancers will need to live and work as a Digital Nomads or Remote Workers, anywhere on the Globe.

The platform is underpinned by a unique Digital Currency: The NomadCoin (DNX), an Ethereum based ERC20 Token.

All transactions and actions performed on the platform are recorded inside the Ethereum Blockchain, providing an incorruptible digital ledger that enables transparency and immutability that could not have been achieved until today.

The unique platform is an online space where digital nomads and remote workers can thrive and prosper. Their DNX tokens will become tradable on the open market, after the ICO has been concluded. Like any other alt coins, if early adopters don't like where we the currency is heading, they can simply sell up.

To celebrate the launch, the community is offering outstanding rewards for early investors, with a limited bonus for the first 500 ETH invested, which gives people an instant 300% return based on ICO forecasts. This value will only increase as the platform becomes more popular, and the concept of a ‘lifestyle’ currency – and a digital nation of nomads - builds momentum.

A spokesperson for The Nomad Community explained, “The Nomad Community is thrilled to be launching this unique opportunity for investors. This is truly a world first, a global community for the new global workforce, with a self contained economy, free of traditional constraints.

We help people interested in getting into cryptocurrency for the first time to set up their wallets and accounts, while showcasing the many features and advantages people can enjoy as part of the community.

We have developed unique tools and approaches that will build a nomadic nation in the digital space. To gain citizenship and the advantages it offers, people need only sign up, choose a plan, and have fun. One hundred dollars of Bitcoin in 2010 is now worth $75 million. People thought this opportunity would never come again, but we have created it for early investors.”

About The Nomad Community: The Nomad Community is a uniquely decentralised global ledger combined with a unique digital coin. The Network becomes more useful as more users join and demand for the token increases as a result. This in turn increases the value of the ownership stake for users. DNX coins are multi-faceted, representing 4 primary attributes; property, utility, income/rewards and fungibility.

The platform covers Secure Messaging, Identity Verification and Trust, Project Collaboration, Global Events Management, a Learning Network, and even a Dating component to match couples !

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