The Nomad Community Create Cryptocurrency Debit Card For Remote Workers Worldwide

The Nomad Community is enabling remote workers around the world to create a nation of their own, and carry it with them in their pocket wherever they go thanks to their new debit card.

The Nomad Community has launched a debit card for their cryptocurrency, enabling people to make cash withdrawals wherever they go without concerning themselves with withdrawing and converting cryptocurrency, before exchanging it into new currencies. The cryptocurrency underpins an online community for remote workers and digital nomads around the world.

This virtual country has plans to expand its citizenry in line with the latest projections, which estimates an increase of up to one billion remote workers in the next ten years. The Nomad Community aims to build a future that works for these people, and is inviting remote workers and investors to be a part of it.

The Nomad Debit Card will allow the Community to seamlessly transact in all major currencies worldwide, without the need for constant currency conversions. The Nomad Community is underpinned by the NOMADCoin (DNX), an Ethereum based ERC20 Network Token, that facilitates all transactions inside the Network and beyond. DNX will be traded on all major CryptoCurrency Exchanges.

The community itself provides resources and opportunities accessible only to members, creating a country and economy on the internet for digital nomads and the remote workforce that lives on the blockchain.

This new card will enable individuals to make the most of their lives, work on their own terms, take control of their money away from increasingly turbulent national economies, and explore the world.

A spokesperson for The DNX Community explained, “The Nomad Community can provide each other with travel and stay options, exclusive hook-ups for work and opportunities, a thriving social scene, investment crowdsourcing for projects, a learning network utilizing in-house experts, a multi-vendor marketplace, event and ticket management and more. It has everything a country offers, only on a worldwide scale. With currency, community and opportunity, we hope to grow exponentially in the coming years. The new debit card will make it easier than ever for people to see the advantages and sign up.”

"This network supports the travel lust and those whilo want to make a living while exploring the world. I certainly have that in my blood and this promises everything I wanted to do as a kid as a young man - freedom, travel and being productive at same time in different corners of the world without a main boss. Says chief strategy adviser David Drake that recently joined the team."

About The Nomad Community: The Nomad Community is the world’s first Digital Nomad platform built inside the Ethereum Blockchain. This decentralised, fully autonomous platform for remote workers aims to build an economy that will disrupt this rapidly expanding industry. They are providing a robust network that enables members to utilise exclusive services and share in the growth of the underlying currency and economic model.

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