The National Franchise Has Launched New Services to Support Entrepreneurs Open Franchises

National Franchise offers extensive resources to help entrepreneurs in the process of buying a franchise understand the benefits and availability of franchises in their area.

As per the Company Spokesperson, The National Franchise Resales helps potential franchise owners understand the benefits of owning a franchise with the help of in-depth, step-by-step resources using an innovative resale program. The company is the only site offering a neutral, third-party sale of franchises.

The site acts as a resource for buyers and sellers, with a well-established marketplace that offers sellers the ability to list their business for free without costly broker fees attached. The site acts as an immediate resource, offering the knowledge and experience of buying a franchise business to help assist with the transaction.

"When you start a new business there are many things to consider. What products or services will you offer? How do you get the products and supplies to you? What technology do you need? What processes do you need? When buying a franchise, all of these questions have already been answered," explains Chris Eby, the site owner.

Eby’s service introduced lead generation for franchisors, offering a service that speaks to leads to ensure they meet minimum criteria before being passed on to the franchisor.

Success rates for franchises offer an attractive alternative to starting a private business. Franchise success rates are greater than 90%, offering one of the lowest risks of failure in the business world. Franchisees that remain in business past the seven-year mark, according to a study, were 91% compared to 20% for individual startups.

Franchisees average between 45 and 54 years of age at the median, but 12% are younger than the age of 34. Approximately 28% of franchise owners are 55 years or older.

Buying an existing franchise for sale offers one key advantage: established branding and training in place. Franchises offer name recognition, explains National Franchise Resales. Consumers already know the franchise’s products and services the moment a sign is hung on the door. Franchises offer initial success that takes years to accomplish when starting a private business.

Training is offered with every franchise business for sale, offering entrepreneurs a better understanding of business and managerial duties. Customer service, product knowledge, distribution, technology, accounting – everything is in place to help the owner.

National Franchise Resales bridges the gap for potential owners to buy a franchise, with a marketplace designed to connect sellers of existing businesses to potential buyers. Existing financial information, ideally for a period of three years, provides a better understanding of the business’s validity and success.
“It is important when speaking to the seller to gain as much information as possible to understand the history and performance of the business. You will want to know how long it has been around, the performance cycle since inception, turnover of staff, and involvement of owner. Of course, you will also want to request financial statements for at least the last three years,” explains National Franchise Resales.

Census reports that 53% of diet and weight centers in the United States are franchises. Car dealers are owned by franchisees, with 100% of new car dealers ran by a franchisee rather than a franchisor. Optical goods franchises show the inverse data, with 93% of the optimal goods market owned by the franchisor, or the company that owns the franchise.

Connecting sellers and buyers through the National Franchise Resales marketplace allows the potential franchisee to understand the business model, backed with financials, to limit the risks associated with opening a new franchise outlet.

Franchises accounted for $711.4 billion in output in 2017, with an increase of 2.5% employment across all franchise sectors. Market trends in the industry started pointing to a rise in food and service trucks, with an increasing number of women interested in franchising. Efforts to reduce costs and inventories are also a key trend, with potential franchisees opting for an increase in work/life balance.

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