The most PROMISING coin that you need to know |An Altcoin that will increase 100x in 2020

Tweebaa is the world's 1st multi-dimensional earning commerce and value-exchanging social networking platform.

Everyone who is into crypto is always looking for the next small-cap coin that can get them rich overnight. It is not an urban legend that a person who put $500 in a coin in 2017 and made millions of dollars.  It is possible to invest a small amount of money and get incredible returns at the peak of the 2017 bull run. Typically, people can throw their money at almost any coin and get absolutely huge ROI. However, will that be the same in 2020?

There is no doubt that the best bet in the crypto is sticking with coins that are in the TOP10 or 20. However, the mini-cap gems offer the great potential for investment. Back in the 2017 bull run, there were a total number of 1,359 cryptos listed on the Coin Market Cap whilst today there are 5,100 coins. That is an increase of 75% more coins. It has become more and more crucial to watch some valuable crypto gems through the massive market cap.


TWEEBAA (TWEE): Pump 50x in the last 216 days


The project launched its trading pair on BitMart  in December, 2019  and it has been showing a sustained and healthy upward trend, with an increase of about 500% since launch. The initial price was $0.06 while after 207 day the TWEE price is $3.17 and keep raising. TWEEBAA is seen as the 2nd active currency ranking right after Bitcoin on the BitMart.


TWEEBAA is also endorsed by many known wealth investors

Two-time Emmy winner, producer and director, Denis O'Brien is hosting a new series of show "Is Twee for Me", offering insights to blockchain and cryptocurrency. In his show, O’Brien used his story of Bitcoin showing how its value increased phenomenally since 2009 and demonstrates the same potential of TWEE, claiming its ground application Tweebaa “will soon become the leader of the first blockchain business application of earning commerce". He continues to elaborate on Tweebaa for the rest of the show, stating that it “helps average Joe to monetize their interest, hobbies and eyeball traffic” and “Tweebaa is a revolutionizing value exchange”.

It is reported that the project has the endorsement from the Rockefeller family. Steven Rockefeller Jr, the fifth generation of the family, is a core team member of the blockchain project “Tweebaa”.


Tweebaa Application will be launched in July

Accordingly, Tweebaa’s V1.0 application is about to launch officially at the end of July, 2020. The application will be available on the Google Play Store, Apple AppStore and other mainstream App stores. This positive news will push Tweebaa to the next level of success. TWEE is predicted to hit 100x increase.



More About Tweebaa

Tweebaa is the world's 1st multi-dimensional earning commerce and value-exchanging social networking platform allowing everyone to transform their knowledge, skills, interests, and experiences into creative product and discover their hidden value.



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