The Miracle Finance Introduces Token BLACK07 - A Unique Utility Token in Crypto World-2

While others promise the moon or mars, Black07 was born to go to the Heaven of the crypto world! So, why aim for the only moon or mars when users can experience the perks of being in Heaven with Black07. Black07 is a token for all with multi-utility and higher profitability features based on the Binance Smart Chain Blockchain Network.

The Miracle dev team is constantly innovating and has a rapid development cycle to churn out more crypto-based products where users will utilize Black07. With a maximum total supply of 70 million tokens under their hands, the dev team has allocated and divided the tokens in a way that seems beneficial for every department like investors, players, traders, and as well as for project development & company marketing as per their Sevenomics (Tokenomics). As a result, a total of 49 million (70%) Black07 tokens will be burned across several burning events through 7 months, from a maximum total supply of 70 million (100%), which will increase the value of Black07 day by day.

Breaking the mold of hype-based smart tokens/coins where there is no actual utility, Black07 is revolutionizing the market through different use cases. So, investing in a utility token like

Black07 makes more sense for people familiar with cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. However, the crypto ecosystem of The Miracle Finance is not just about launching its Black07 token but all about developing an ecosystem step by step as per their Miracle Map (Road Map). And the vision of the road map is going to Heaven. That means, the last but not least step of the road map will be developing the Heavenverse (Metaverse).

The ecosystem of The Miracle Finance:
The first phase of the ecosystem will involve website launch, Initial Coin Offering (ICO), and listing of Black07. The second phase will include the launch of Magic Swap (decentralized swap exchange) for Black07 users. Further, The Miracle Finance plans to enable farming and staking Black07 tokens in the second phase to earn Black07 tokens With the Annual Percentage Rate (APR) And Annual Percentage Yield (APY), So users will be able to maximize their gains. In addition, everything will be integrated with a state-of-the-art Black wallet from Magic Swap to farming and staking. It will be a comprehensive crypto wallet where users can check live prices and act as a one-stop wallet for all the products in the ecosystem.

The next phase will include launching a peer-to-peer gaming platform where users can leverage Black07 to play against other users without the need for an algorithm. The first game in several P2P creative games series is Black Chess.

Introducing Black Chess - The revolutionary step towards peer-to-peer gaming:
It allows users to have a PvP experience like popular games and eliminates a dedicated server or algorithm that users need to beat to win the game. In addition, as chess is a game of mind, Black Chess allows players to play only on their skill level and their talent to earn Black07 tokens (Money). No CPU. | No Algorithm | No Luck

Introducing Deflationary Game Mechanism:
Users will get 100% of their investment for each game plus 70% of the opponent’s investment as a reward when they win. The rest of 30% of the tokens will be distributed in the following order of the deflationary game mechanism,

- 14% of Tokens will be used in the development of new games
- 7% of tokens will be distributed among all the Black07 token holders as per the value of their holdings
- 7% of tokens will be added to the liquidity pool at Magic Swap
- 2% of tokens will be burned

This mechanism will be applicable for all gaming platforms that The Miracle Finance will launch in the future. So, if users are Black07 holders, they will have a specific amount of return whether they play the game or not due to this mechanism.

Expanding the Miracle Ecosystem: Web 3.0:
The first avenue after Black Chess, will be providing a launchpad for other’s crypto startups through Miracle Launchpad. The next avenue will offer smart contracts and decentralized app (dApps) development services for other startups or enterprises. Furthermore, The Miracle Finance team will also be developing an ingenious Blockchain network. This will be followed by creating a centralized cryptocurrency exchange (Cex) to allow users to exchange digital assets. The CEX will also include a payment gateway for converting any fiat currencies to any cryptocurrencies with smoother & cheap transactions fees.

With the Magic World, the NFT avenue will be explored and further integrated into the other products of the ecosystem. In addition, the gaming avenue will be further expanded through the launch of PC and PlayStation games. One of the unique aspects of this ecosystem will be the introduction of a decentralized music player, which will be a first in the music & crypto space. It will allow the artists to earn from their artwork, and users will also earn by only listening to the music. The final phase will involve the creation of the Heavenverse, which will integrate all of the above products and create a virtual world like no other.

Black07 is a utility token that makes it more enticing to invest in as users will be able to Trade, play games, create & sell NFTs, listen to music, and earn more returns. Potential users must visit the website for more information. Follow The Miracle Finance on socials: Twitter or Telegram.

Contact Info:
Name: Richard Hannis
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Organization: The Miracle Finance
Phone: +447723177724

Release ID: 89067204