The Meeting At The White House Sounds Like My Complaint

The African-American inventor says her lawsuit against the Biden Administration Department of Justice gets more and more bizarre as Big Technology that represents companies that Hartman alleges that the heavy hand of the government gifted the Big Tech Companies.

Hartman has referred her case to Human Rights organizations as she alleges that the government is still being heavy handed in not allowing a fair and just trial . The very list of powerful tech companies that were brought before these government agents and agencies are now being asked to apparently serve in some kind of law enforcement capacity .That is rather strange as practically and entire page of her complaint lists these very powerful agencies that one could basically describe as the military industrialist complex and to determine if that is the same as the Biden Department of Justice .This is the heavy handed bullying that she has continued to receive from the government instead of a fair trial

Many people although all are not aware that the Internet is not the one that was created by Darpa back in 1969 and this Internet has only existed since about 1994 , approximately 4 years after Ms. Hartman introduced her Intellectual Property to the government .See the following link Hartman IP and Submissions to Government The Case Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States can be accessed at , Case No. 21-2214 in the Court of Federal Claims .

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