The Marketing, Media & Money Magazine Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary With Over 112,000 Subscribers

Founder Patty Farmer is excited to announce the magazine’s 3rd anniversary, with its subscribers reaching more than 112,000 all over the world. Discover the reason behind its tremendous growth of followers.

There is no doubt about the significance of digital magazines to every reader since they are more accessible than print magazines. And that is why it is not surprising to know that the Marketing, Media, & Money Magazine, with over 112,000 subscribers, is celebrating its 3rd anniversary.

Founder Patty Farmer, publisher, and editor in chief, quoted, “I am not in the information business, Google is in the information business. I am in the transformation business,” said Patty. “I want my magazine and podcast to be the “go-to” resource for business owners and entrepreneurs to find the information they need to be able to have transformation in their business for them and their clients,” she added.

The very reason why the Marketing, Media, & Money Magazine was created is because of Patty’s goals to support and serve entrepreneurs, small business owners, and speakers. The magazine features industry experts and global influencers who generously share their knowledge, strategies, techniques, and resources on what’s working now to help entrepreneurs and business owners scale their business. Over the past three years, Patty's publication and podcast have helped thousands of entrepreneurs to gain more industry knowledge by connecting experts and global influencers who generously share their expertise with business owners and speakers. The goal is to increase the number of readers and listeners to enable more entrepreneurs to reach their goals.

The Marketing, Media, & Money Magazine is sponsored by EXACTA Corporation, a woman-owned business, and is the Family Organizer Plus, platform developer. Their website is available to visit here. Marketing, Media, & Money Magazine’s Columnists for 2021 are listed below, together with their area of expertise.

Patty Farmer- Marketing & Media Expert
Sarah Schwab- Content & Creativity Expert
Tamara Burkett- Technology & Relationships Expert
Chrystal Rose- Health & Wellness Expert
Michelle Bridger- Facebook Advertising
Danielle Woolley- Community & Connection Expert
Melinda Van Fleet- Confidence Expert
Tara R. Alemany- Book Publishing Expert
Stephanie Bonte-Lebair- Voice & Communication Expert
Meg Schmitz- Franchise Expert
Wesleyne Greer- Sales & Leadership Expert
Elaine Lindsay- Social & SEO Expert

The magazine’s Facebook group, Marketing, Media, & Money, is where readers can connect with and learn from this year's columnists and past columnists, and guest authors. Our industry experts and global influencers share and discuss tested and proven methods on marketing and strategies on how to monetize businesses effectively. Live and virtual events, speaking opportunities, books, digital and print magazines, radio and podcasts, and other media platforms are shared in the group as well. The focus is on positioning the owners together with their business for maximum media exposure, visibility, and influence. The Facebook group is also celebrating its first anniversary. Anyone can check Marketing, Media, & Money Facebook group at

Patty offers a free marketing, media, & money assessment where entrepreneurs and business owners can take the FREE M3 (Marketing, Media, & Money) Biz Quiz. It will only take them 3 minutes or less to complete the assessment of seven key areas of their business. They will discover what they are doing right, where they could make changes, and the next steps they should take to enhance the growth of their business.

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About the Marketing, Media & Money Magazine:
The Marketing, Media & Money Magazine is designed to serve and support entrepreneurs, small business owners, and speakers. The magazine showcases industry experts and global influencers who generously share their knowledge, strategies, and resources on what’s working now to help them scale their business.

About Patty Farmer:
Patty Farmer is the publisher and editor in chief of the Marketing, Media & Money Magazine. She is a multi-award-winning Marketing & Media Strategist, International Speaker, Podcast Host, and Event Producer. She works with established service-based entrepreneurs to help them fully identify their expertise, target buyers (market), gain massive visibility, package their knowledge, and position them in the marketplace to increase sales. and create a marketing strategy that is profitable, not painful. Patty is passionate about helping her clients attract and convert their ideal clients. In doing so, her clients can make a big impact in the world and bigger deposits in their bank account. Entrepreneurs learn to master their marketing, leverage the media, and monetize their business in a way that creates transformation for both themselves and their clients while designing a lifestyle they want to live.

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