The Marketing Automation World Is Getting Disrupted With Blockchain

Tokenizing Rewards for the World Wide Web, marketing automation will not remain as it is today. As more and more individual customers have grown a distaste for store credits as loyalty points, Retainly's path-breaking Blockchain technology will bring in much delight.

As more and more software companies are trying their hands on the fastest growing vertical of Marketing Automation, only a handful of the software is truly able to innovate.

It is safe to say, after serious research of over a 50 marketing automation companies, that 95% of them offer more or less the same features. The only difference is that some of the platforms are so complicated that they need certified consultants to just make them live and running, while the rest few have evolved to simplify the workflow.

One among fifty of such platforms is Retainly which has been deviating from the traditional approach of marketing automation. Apart from other common features, Retainly recently introduced a tiny tool called Notif which has been significantly helping its customers to accelerate the lead generation and website conversions. With Notif, Retainly displayed its focus on Lead Generation Growth Hacking as well as Conversion Growth Hacking, while other platforms are still working on Lead Capture alone.

The disruption to the marketing automation world is soon to come with two new modules that Retainly is working on. The first one is named “Virus” which is a viral referral marketing platform. Virus helps Online businesses easily create referral links for their customers that can be tracked. The disruption is the proposition of rewarding the customers for successful referrals. While existing referral platforms create only the opportunity to offer discounts on next purchase, which many feel not useful at all, Retainly is working on a Blockchain technology which will allow merchants to reward their customers with crypto coins.

The reward center named as Collie is highly configurable which uses the powerful Retainly AI script to automatically track events, and then associate a point to every event. Collie serves as the universal loyalty marketing platform. For example, a merchant could detect how many times their customer has signed up to their platform and give 10 points for every signup. Similarly, a gaming company could detect how many times their customer purchased life points and reward them 20 points for every purchase. The scenarios are endless and the ease and flexibility of Retainly to allow any type of online business to create their own custom events are actually bearing fruits now.

Merchants can allocate RET Tokens for every point as a global setting which will then allow the customers to redeem them into their Ether wallets at their own will. The Merchant Wallet loading and their customer token redemption are all handled by Smart Contracts based on proof of stake which not only makes the transactions very fast but also extremely secure. Both parties can see their transaction ledgers and validate all their historical transactions.

The use of Blockchain in Marketing Automation and that too in such an innovative way is surely the World's first, and going ahead will introduce crypto coins to a huge number of the mainstream population who will receive Crypto coins for just using a platform. An ICO is in the planning stage.

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