The Maddox Law Firm Discusses Connecticut Marijuana Laws and Criminal Defense

The Maddox Law Firm has released an explanatory blog which identifies the current status of marijuana laws in Connecticut. The legal explanation describes current legislation and suggests the likely near-future changes.

The Maddox Law Firm and Matthew M. Maddox are pleased to announce they have offered a blog which identifies the latest information about marijuana's legality in Connecticut. Contrary to common belief, the use of marijuana is not yet legal in Connecticut. Although, it is is expected that Connecticut legislature will legalize “recreational marijuana” to capture the tax windfall which it will bring to the beleaguered Connecticut budget.

Those who brush off an offense of less than half an ounce of marijuana are risking legal consequences. Since 2011, possession of small amounts of weed are classified as an infraction, approximately the same level offense such as traffic violations like running a red light. For those over age eighteen, for the first offense, a fine of up to $150 is assessed. A second offense is assessed a maximum fine of up to $500. There are significant problems with not fighting these charges under the direction of an experienced attorney.

According to attorney Matthew M. Maddox, “Before you send in a guilty plea to a marijuana possession ticket, you should definitely speak to a legal professional. Those who think they plead guilty to the infraction ticket and pay the fine, they won't need to consider it further. When a ticket is paid, even if it is an infraction, DMV keeps a record. Such a record is searchable and will come up on a background check.”

An experienced marijuana defense attorney will advise clients about a marijuana ticket whether they are a juvenile or an adult. The attorney will counsel the client whether the offense should be contested and if so, how it should be done. The counsel will depend in part on whether the client is an adult or a juvenile.

It may be possible to resolve the incident without a conviction.

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