“The Longest Day In Chang'an” going overseas amazes the world Nextainment Media creates ecology with IP content

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Nextainment Media creates ecology with IP content.

June 27, jointly produced by Youku, Nextainment Media, Liubai Entertainment, Saren Media, and developed led by Nextainment Media, the super drama series The Longest Day In Chang'an” was officially launched on China's Youku video website. Once the TV series was launched in China, it has triggered strong recommendation around the whole country, with popularity has continued to occupy the champion of a number of trending topic lists!

Apart from setting off a frenzy in China, “The Longest Day In Chang'an” has also landed on VIKI, Amazon and Youtube, officially appearing in North America in the form of "paid content", which is also the first time for Chinese drama to enter the monthly payment sector, and overseas audiences' hot pursuit for “The Longest Day In Chang'an” can be seen.

Super TV series reproduces prosperous times of Chang’an Great work produced with sincerity activates multiple industry modules.

Since the beginning of its preparation, “The Longest Day In Chang'an”has drawn much attention with its top creation team and this IP attracted Zhuang Yan who participated in "Fast & Furious 5" and so on Chines and foreign blockbusters to serve as director of special effects, the famous Japanese director Akira Kurosawa's eldest daughter Kasuko Kurosawa as the modelling director. The work is strongly endorsed by strong production team, and the perfect combination of the rhythm of American drama and Chinese traditional culture also makes this drama series redefine the costume dramas series.

After the series has been played, the position of Xi 'an as a famous historical and cultural city has been consolidated again. Orders for group tours and independent tours to Xi 'an have increased by 40% and 30% respectively. The search volume of air tickets to Xi 'an have increased by 130% on year-on-year basis, with a year-on-year increase of more than 200% at the peak period.

Meanwhile, bookings for tour guides in Xi 'an have increased by 119% compared with the previous month, among which Xi 'an cultural tour guide products have increased significantly, and more people are willing to learn more details about the ancient Xi 'an. For a time "The Longest Day In Chang'an" also set off consumption boom in clothing, fast sales and other derivative authorized products.

"Paid content" form landed strongly overseas Chinese traditional culture has refreshed world’s cognition
When audiences are addicted to "The Longest Day In Chang'an" , on July 1st, "The Longest Day In Chang'an" has been gradually launched online abroad, in addition to Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Vietnam and other Asian countries, it has also landed on VIKI, Amazon and Youtube, officially appearing in North America in the form of "paid content", which is also the first time for Chinese drama to enter the monthly payment sector. The high quality with ingenuity of the series has also conquered the heart of overseas audiences!

The movie-like image of "The Longest Day In Chang'an" recreates the flourishing scene of the Chinese Tang dynasty, and the embellishing of many literary and historical allusions and scenery makes "The Longest Day In Chang'an" a great cultural drama of Tang dynasty that spreads Chinese culture with large volume. Wang Zhiqinzheng, deputy director of Xi 'an Intangible Cultural Heritage Protection Center said that, in the series, "these recoveries draw heavily on the achievements of cultural heritage protection studies, especially those of intangible cultural heritage protection." From the weaving technique of bamboo splits and bamboo lanterns, Xi 'an drum music, Nuo culture and shehuo, acupuncture, martial arts to acrobatics and variety shows, intangible cultural heritage items and elements are properly integrated into the drama series, and the profound historical and cultural connotation also make overseas audiences’ eyes brightened!

Nextainment Media makes use of big data to deeply cultivate IP value Ecology with content can be expected in the future.

From IP selection, in-depth development to the successful launching, the success of "The Longest Day In Chang'an" cannot be separated from the successful operation and escort of the production party Nextainment Media.

As one of the important constructors of China's Internet online ticketing and the new ecology of the film industry, Mr. Lin Ning, the founder and CEO of Nextainment Group, established a content company -Nextainment Media with IP operation as the core, researching and developing"multi-text development", "multi-channel publicity and distribution" and "multi-business realization" model at the end of 2016.

Through strategic cooperation with Nextainment Capital, Nextainment Media links the upstream and downstream companies of pan-entertainment industry, forming a complete IP business ecological chain, and supporting the comprehensive and norm operation of IP with big data. As the producer of "The Longest Day In Chang'an" , Mr. Lin Ning has been revising his creation with data during the production process.

Currently, Nextainment Media has more than 20 super IPs in continuous development, such as “Records of Nanyanzhai”, “Northern Eagle”,” Goddess No. 1”, “Being Single is not Damned”,”Dieter” and so on. Among them, the animated film "Qin Xia" will be released globally in 2021. The film is directed by Tony Bancroft, director of animated films such as “Mulan” and “Lion King”. Michael S., the screenwriter of "The Simpsons" and "The Extreme Agent 3: The Ultimate Return", is a screenwriter.

Each IP is a vision, Lin Ning’s Nextainment Media is forming and improving the complete sophisticated IP business ecological chain. Road of IP operation has hinders and is long, it is believed that adhering to do high-quality and upstream, Nextainment Media will bring more excitement to the audience in the world in the future!

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